Tino Franco’s Dad Posts His Own Hilarious Tell-All

Tino Franco, YouTube

Tino Franco’s dad Joe did not disappoint when he decided to take to Twitter to talk to Bachelor Nation. Rachel Recchia’s hometown date took her to meet his parents. However, when they showed up, there were mixed reactions to the way Rachel was received.

When the meeting happened, it seemed Joe and Sandi Franco were concerned about their son dating the lead and asked her lots of questions. Tino’s dad made a point to remind her this was her “second go round.” This rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way, and some said that Tino’s parents did not pass the vibe check. Joe decided to post his own tell-all on Facebook letting fans into things they might not know about his family.

Tina Franco Is Not Italian And His Parents Are Proud Of Him

Joe wanted fans to know a few things about Tino Franco. He said, “okay Bachelor Nation, because you asked; here is my tell-all.” One of those things is that even though ABC said they were Italian; they are actually Mexican. According to Monsters and Critics he shared his height is five six and he hasn’t dyed his hair, combed it over and he doesn’t wear a toupee. More so, his wife’s name is spelled Sandi with an “I” not a “y” and she owns more than one dress.

Furthermore, Tino’s parents are proud of him for supporting his brother with his cancer diagnosis. Following his brother’s plight, he became involved in raising money for charities that assist with cancer. He poked a bit of fun at some of the things he’d seen said about him on Twitter. Joe said he’s too tall to be one of the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz and he’s never been on the Starship Enterprise. Moreover, Joe proved he can roll with the punches and has a great sense of humor. You can see the full post below from Bachelor Nation scoop’s Instagram.

Bachelor Nation Scoop, Instagram
Bachelor Nation Scoop, Instagram

Parents Sometimes Get More Screen Time

Parents have been a big deal on the show before. Peter Weber’s mom Barb famously disagreed with his choice Madison Prewett and argued with her on After the Final Rose. Fans thought seeing them together would be entertaining. One fan said, “I think tino’s dad and barb could be friends main character energy!!”

Tino Franco's Dad Joe, YouTube
Tino Franco’s Dad Joe, YouTube

Parents don’t always get bad attention on the show. Everyone loved Matt James’ mom and Gabby Windey’s grandfather. Tino’s dad seemed to have redeemed himself with his Twitter post. One fan said, “ok, he’s redeemed himself now. Love his sense of humor! Too bad he didn’t show us this side of him!” What do you think of Tino’s dad’s, “tell-all.” Did you think he was being harsh with Rachel or just protective of his son? Finally, comment with your thoughts down below.

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  1. He’s obviously watched himself on TV by now and realized he was an ass to Rachel but I won’t like him until I hear him apologize to Rachel. There was no need to bring her to tears, He has that little dog mentality so he barks to make himself look tough he just needs to get over his self. He didn’t redeem anything and I don’t think he is funny!

  2. I think he was being very overprotective of his son. This isn’t easy for everyone to see how this is going to work. It hasn’t worked with many and people get their hearts broke which can be devastating. It had nothing to do with Rachel?

  3. It is ok to talk that way to a nasty person, but he spoke that way to a sweet, innocent and soft-hearted person. Nice people don’t do that.

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