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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Cashing In On Daughter Sophia?

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has recently taken a risky decision for her daughter Sophia that didn’t sit well with fans. The reality star has been slammed for allowing her young one to have a channel on social media where her subscribers can connect with her directly. The 13-year-old promoted her new subscription-based channel on Instagram.

Farrah Abraham’s Teen Daughter Has A Subscription Channel

In her video, the MTV alum’s daughter posed for several shots as the word ‘Subscribe’ popped up on the video. Sophia captioned the Instagram video, “Welcome. It’s here! It’s real! A fun, friendly Sophia Subscribe Group!”

Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“Love that I can share only here! Look forward to chatting, posting fun food recipes, family fun, pet love, style, and beauty.. or even private stuff like what I’m dealing with today!” she added.

She also posted another video promoting the Instagram subscription channel which she captioned, “Happy to have a more positive subscribe area to keep Instagram negativity out.”

Fans Feel Farah Is Grooming Sophia To Follow Her Footsteps

However, Teen Mom fans didn’t seem happy with the MTV alum’s decision for allowing the teen to have a paid subscription channel on Instagram.

Calling her out in the comments, one fan wrote, “Absolutely disgusting. Farrah is essentially handing Sophia to pedophiles. Someone needs to save this child.”

Sophia Abraham Instagram

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“Private stuff I am dealing with?! What creepy pedo would want to know a random 13-year-olds private stuff?” noted another.

A third fan criticized Farrah as they wrote, “Um. This is definitely confirmed that Farrah is grooming Sophia. You don’t pay to speak privately with a child unless you’re a creep. This has to be CPS worthy.”

Sophia Abraham Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“No no no no no. 99% of parents advocate against their kids talking to strangers on the internet. Farrah is out here exploiting/cashing in on it,” wrote the fourth fan.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Bashed For Bad Parenting

As per The Sun, this isn’t the first time the 31-year-old has been bashed by fans for her parenting preferences. Back in July, the reality star posted a video on her Instagram and Tiktok accounts with her daughter having fun at an 18+ club named The Empire Control Room in Texas.

Given that her daughter is underage, fans were surprised and enraged at Farrah’s decision to bring her along.

One fan wrote, “What the actual f***?”

“Shouldn’t she be doing this with her friends?” asked another.

A third enraged fan wrote, “Insanity.”

Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

On her daughter’s 13th birthday, the former TV personality came under fire for letting Sophia get her septum pierced. The teen shared a video of her at the piercing salon with the caption, “I got my septum piercing for my birthday!! I am so happy with how it turned out! I am the first person in my family to get a septum piercing at 13!! Birthday wish came true!!”

While the mother-daughter duo seemed happy with their decision, fans criticized Farrah for letting Sophia do this at a young age.

Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

One wrote, “Dude she’s still a baby!”

“Way too young for that! Someone save this girl,” wrote another.

Lately, fans have accused Farrah of making her child grow up too fast. Apart from wearing makeup and flaunting fake nails, she also wears clothing that is way too mature for her age.

Do you think Farrah is really cashing in on her daughter? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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