'Teen Mom' Fans In Shock Over What Farrah Abraham Let Sophia Do [Credit: YouTube]

‘Teen Mom’ Fans In Shock Over What Farrah Abraham Let Sophia Do

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Farrah Abraham is letting her daughter Sophia Abraham do whatever she wants. Even if that means dying her hair a different color and getting pierced. Fans think Sophia is too young. Farrah argued that she wants her daughter to be her own person.

It’s important for kids to explore their individuality. But at what cost? While most Teen Mom fans think it’s normal for kids to discover themselves, others think it’s dangerous. They fear for Sophia’s mental health and well-being. It has brought up an interesting conversation in the parenting world.

Find out what Farrah Abraham is letting her daughter do now.

Farrah Abraham gives her daughter complete freedom

In February 2022, Farrah Abraham was criticized for letting her 13-year-old daughter dye her hair purple and wear makeup. Sophia shocked fans when she stepped out with her famous mom and grandfather at a red-carpet event. At the time, Farrah Abraham, Sophia, and her grandpa attended Debbie Durkin’s EcoLuxe Film & Music Experience at The Beverly Hilton.

Sophia took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her family. The pre-teen wore a black hooded sweatshirt with matching jogging pants. She spiced up her casual look with bright purple hair, a face full of makeup, and black nails. Sophia finished off her look with silver jewelry and black sneakers.

Farrah Abraham's Daughter Gets Septum Pierced [Credit: Sophia Abraham/Instagram]
[Credit: Sophia Abraham/Instagram]
Farrah Abraham was all dressed up in a hot pink motorcycle jacket with a black plaid skirt. Her skirt matched Sophia’s purple hair. Their grandpa seemed out of his element since he wore a simple maroon long-sleeved shirt with dark denim jeans. On Instagram, Sophia called the affair “Family time in Beverly Hills!” Check out the photo here for yourself.

However, fans were focused on her apparel. Some of them slammed Farrah Abraham for allowing her daughter to dye her hair purple and wear black eyeliner. Some think Sophia looked “creepy” wearing the “goth” look. Others said she “looked like a ghost,” while some noted she is “growing up so much” and “too fast.”

Sophia shocks fans with her latest decision

Sophia shocked fans as she showed off her smile on Instagram. She was spotted with rhinestones on her teeth. In her Instagram Story, Farrah Abraham’s daughter smiled brightly with her purple hair and black-and-white teeth shirt. She looked like she had grills on her teeth.

Some fans were shocked that the former MTV star allowed her daughter to get gems on her teeth. “Got braces off!! Just got teeth gems. So cute!” Sophia captioned the post. She also shared a photo of herself getting the bizarre dental work done. This comes after she got a septum piercing about two months ago.

  • “Omg what the…”
  • “This is going to be a little girl that is going to have a lot of issues when she grows up.”
  • “One question… why?”

But Farrah Abraham fought back at the criticism. She wrote: “Sparkle baby! Braces off and teeth gems. P.S. these don’t affect your teeth and retainers still go over them.” Yet, fans think Farrah is allowing her daughter to grow up too fast. While Sophia loves to express herself, she’s been wearing fake claw nails, mature clothing, and having on too much makeup.

Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia's Latest Move [Credit: Sophia Abraham/Instagram]
[Credit: Sophia Abraham/Instagram]
Do you agree that Farrah Abraham is too lenient with her daughter? Do you think she should let her do whatever she wants? Or, do you think it’s normal at this age? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think Sophia is as bad as Farrah and is going to be worse than she is when she gets older, well at least the therapist are getting paid very well!!!! God help us all

  2. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Farrah allowing Sophia to express herself. Everything she has allowed Sophia to do can be removed, nothing is permanent, and the clothes Farrah allows her to wear aren’t indecent and won’t put Sophia in any danger. Sophia is at the age that every child starts to explore and find out who they are as individuals and all Farrah is doing as a mom is allowing her daughter the freedom, within respectable limits, to grow and find her independence with out being forced into a mold that society, or even Farrah, thinks is acceptable for a person to be “normal”. Farrah was put under a lot of pressure by her mother to be a certain way and look how that developed. I say all she is doing is being a good mom by allowing her daughter to explore and find out who she is inside and allowing Sophia to let her inner beauty shine as much as her outer beauty does by allowing her to express herself and making her confident enough to not let in all the haters and naysayers! Confidence in itself is beautiful!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of Farrah and I think her whole demeanor is nasty but I do think she is a good mom and as a single mom myself I know all we can really do is try hard and pray we are doing our very best and I believe she is doing just that!

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