Fans Worry As Farrah Abraham ‘Isolates’ Sophia In Homeschooling Video

Fans Worry As Farrah Abraham 'Isolates' Sophia In Homeschooling Video [Credit: TikTok]

Teen Mom fans are worried that Farrah Abraham “isolates” Sophia after a new video surfaced online. The 12-year-old stays in a “tiny” bedroom in their apartment. Sophia shared a TikTok video of herself showing where she studies. She explained to their fans that she doesn’t need a desk and prefers to study from her bed.

But, it doesn’t look like Sophia has any choice. She has a large bed that sits next to her window. The room doesn’t look like it has any space for a desk. Farrah previously faced backlash for parenting her only child.

Teen Mom OG fans concerned for Sophia Abraham

Fans previously slammed Farrah Abraham for homeschooling her daughter. Now, fans are concerned about where her daughter sleeps and studies. She has a tiny bedroom that features a small twin bed and a nightstand. There is no room for Sophia to stretch out and study.

In the now-deleted TikTok video, Sophia gave fans a glimpse at her room. She panned the camera around her room at their Los Angeles apartment. Her bed has red and black checkered sheets, a gray furry blanket, a small bedside table, and large windows looking out to the city.

Fans Concerned That Farrah Abraham Isolates Daughter [Credit: TikTok]
[Credit: TikTok]
“Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I study and work,” Sophia told fans. “First, get rid of any distractions. My biggest distractions are my dogs because they love my room. They never leave my room. But anyway, they have to go.”

The tween said that she doesn’t like working on a desk. She would rather study on her bed. Sophia showed her iPad, notebooks, and pens on her small bed. She seemed happy with her studying setup. Yet, fans accused Farrah Abraham of the way that she parents her daughter. She’s mostly been blasted for her inappropriate behavior.

Fans accuse Farrah Abraham of “isolating” her daughter

Fans expressed their concern after Sophia posted the video on TikTok. Some think Farrah Abraham is “isolating” her when she should be socializing with her classmates. They’re already concerned that she’s homeschooled. Most of them took to Reddit to share their thoughts on this new video.

  • “She needs to go to ‘real’ school to interact with other kids. Or at least play a sport or something. She’s so isolated.”
  • “She has the demeanor of a child who doesn’t spend time with other children and it makes me sad.”
  • “That room is tiny! How can she be expected to study there every day?”
  • “Why does her room look like a prison cell? I mean… that’s super small!”
  • “Uh, this looks like my dorm room from college.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have been concerned about Sophia’s well-being. Farrah Abraham previously claimed that her daughter was “fine” after she revealed that Child Protective Services tried to take her child away. Sophia even defended her mom by taking to TikTok and saying, “I got a bed, I got a roof, and I’m fine.” The mother-and-daughter duo even mocked the fans who were trying to save Sophia from her mom.

Sophia Abraham's Concerning Homeschooling Video [Credit: TikTok]
[Credit: TikTok]
What are your thoughts on Sophia’s TikTok video? Do you agree that Farrah Abraham is trying to isolate her daughter? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Farrah Abraham.

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  1. She should have never been allowed to have kids period. This little ratsnest is going to be like her mother she has watch her mother do porn I’m surprised she hasn’t had some shots taken of that little girl so Josh Duggar could pay to see them .

  2. I think she needs away from the big city and OFF social media.. get a job…get Sophia In A real school And live a quiet life ..that’s what Derrick would of given his daughter…a actual life . Not pretend living

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