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‘American Pickers’ Delays New Episode, Why?

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American Pickers delayed a new episode this week. This is unusual for the History Channel series, which forges ahead as always. However, the new season hasn’t bode well for the show. The ratings showed that it lost 200,000 viewers.

This comes after the Season 24 premiere last month. The show typically airs on Saturday nights with Mike Wolfe, Robbie Wolfe, and Danielle Colby as the cast members.

On the heels of the ratings drop — the network decided not to air a new episode tonight. Read on to learn why and when to expect the next episode.

Mike Wolfe Finds Coca-Cola Sign [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]

Mike Wolfe’s show plummets

Earlier this week, news broke that the latest episode of American Pickers lost 200,000 viewers. The Saturday, August 27 episode only amassed 829,000 viewers. This time, the ratings drop came from the network’s latest risky move. The show aired at 8 p.m. instead of its usual 9 p.m. slot.

The decision was not a wise one as it affected the ratings. The ratings have also been on a decline ever since the History Channel fired Frank Fritz. They replaced him with Mike’s brother Robbie. Fans have pointed the finger at Mike and blame him for Frank’s firing.

Mike Wolfe Goes Picking [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]
The show’s cast also includes Danielle Colby, who is still part of the show. Ratings have been on a steep decline after the cast shakeup. The August 13 episode also had lower numbers than usual. Only 868,000 viewers tuned into the episode. Meanwhile, the July 29 episode only saw 821,000 viewers with the July 23 episode attracting 901,000.

Season 24 of American Pickers started out strong. The July 9 premiere attracted 1,070,000 viewers. However, the ratings dipped back to their new normal numbers. Even the Season 23 finale saw only 830,000 viewers.

American Pickers delays new episode

Here is some more bad news for the struggling series. There won’t be a new episode of American Pickers tonight. The show just announced that the network won’t air a new episode this week after moving it to a new timeslot.

The official American Pickers account took to Twitter to share the news with fans. It’s not airing a new episode due to the Labor Day weekend, in which most people are with family or traveling. However, it’s not uncertain if the holiday is the reason why a new episode isn’t on tonight.

“No new episode of American Pickers this Saturday, so in the meantime, we wanted to share some of our recent picks with a very common theme in color.”

The post included a photo of a neon clock, a motorbike, an 1897 car, and a boat — all in red. One fan suggested they should do a collage in blue next. Expect a new episode of American Pickers to air next Saturday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

What are your thoughts on the new season of American Pickers? Do you think it’ll last another season? Will you miss watching the show tonight? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. They need to bring Frank back that’s the only way they can save the show until then we boycott the show all Mike wanted was a slot for his brother

    1. Robbie is just not interesting. He talks about big on trucks and big machinery. Just boring.
      Fritz was a distinct difference of what he picks, which balances out with Wolfe.
      I do not like the show anymore because of boredom and only tune in occasionally. I used to watch episode after episode all day long

  2. I’m a long time viewer but for me Robbie does not have the tv personality to be part of this show. Between that and Mike’s new bearded look, that has changed his entire image, I’m finding myself loosing interest.

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