American Pickers: Will Frank Fritz's Store Stay Open Amid Stroke? [History Channel | YouTube]

‘American Pickers’ What Is Frank Fritz’s Business Fate Now?

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American Pickers fans are curious to learn if Frank Fritz’s store will remain open amid his health issues. Last month, he suffered a massive stroke. Frank is still recovering as each day gets better. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans are upset that his former co-star Mike Wolfe leaked this personal information to the public.

He was the first to take to social media with the news. Soon enough, the media outlets got all the details of Frank’s stroke. The original cast member tried to live a private life out of the spotlight after his firing. He was focused on his popular antique store before he became ill.

What's The Future Of Frank Fritz Finds? [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]

What is Frank Fritz’s store?

The former American Pickers star owns Frank Fritz Finds, which is located inside the Hawg Dog Bar and Grill in his home state of Illinois. As fans know, Frank and Mike grew up together. The classmates shared a love for antiques and collectibles. That’s when the former friends pitched the idea of the reality series to the History Channel.

American Pickers is currently filming its 24th Season without Frank. Some fans still want him back on the series. They don’t like the show’s new host, Robbie. The ratings have taken a hit ever since Frank’s firing.

Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz Travel Together [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]
Frank Fritz is focused on his antique store, which offers collectibles and other odd items. However, it received its share of bad reviews on Yelp. Some customers said that it sold “cheap and tacky” merchandise. Frank seemingly took a step back from the store, but he has since made some changes.

As of recently, the reviews for Frank Fritz Finds have improved. However, the reviews on TripAdvisor are not as kind. One customer called it an “utter waste of time” while another called it an “uncomfortable scary place.” Frank had to take a step back from his business once again. His stroke caused him to focus on his health once again.

Will the store shut its doors?

Frank Fritz had fans worried about the future of his store. On Thursday, July 14, it was first reported that he suffered a stroke. It remained open during that time, but fans want to know about its fate. An insider told The Sun that the store won’t shut its doors.

“Frank Fritz Finds will remain open. It is located in the Hawg Dog Bar and Grill,” the anonymous source told The Sun. “As long as the restaurant is open, fans will be able to visit the antique store.”

Frank Fritz Finds To Close Down? [History Channel | YouTube]
[History Channel | YouTube]
The insider didn’t reveal who is running the antique store. He has a staff who works to keep the lights on. Most of them have been working there since the beginning. Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, seven days a week.

It’s important to know that the official website for Frank Fritz Finds has been taken down. The only way to see the antiques and collectibles is to visit the store in person. The official Facebook page also hasn’t been updated in some time. These findings could’ve had some fans wondering about the fate of the store.

At the time of this writing, Frank Fritz is currently in “stable” condition. He’s been hit with a series of health setbacks in the past few years. In March 2020, he needed grueling back surgery. In July 2021, Frank entered rehab for alcohol abuse.

What are your thoughts on Frank Fritz Finds? Have you ever visited his store? Do you think Frank will recover quickly from this? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Frank Fritz.

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