Two Major Streaming Services Merge Into One

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Shocking news has broken recently as two major streaming services are merging to become one. Which two streaming services are merging? Does this mean subscribers will get to save any money? When is this merge happening? Keep reading for the details.

Two Major Streaming Services Merge Into One

According to Deadline, subscribers have speculated for a while that these two streaming services may one day become one. Turns out, this is no longer speculation. It is happening. Showtime and Paramount+ are both owned by Paramount Global properties. So, rather than continuing to manage two different streaming platforms, it has been decided they will merge into one.

Presently, fresh subscribers have the option of getting the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle in two different ways. First, they can pay $7.99 for the ad-supported version. Or, subscribers can pay $12.99 to enjoy both Paramount+ and Showtime without ads. Subscribers that are not new will find the option to upgrade to the bundle within the app.

Paramount Plus
Paramount Plus

The introductory price won’t last long

Subscribers interested in getting the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle should act fast as they plan on ditching the introductory promotion and raising the prices on October 2nd. When the introductory promotion ends, the bundle prices will increase to $11.99 and $14.99. While the streaming services are merging, they will offer stand-alone options and prices for people only interested in one or the other. For example, just showtime will cost $10.99 and just Paramount will cost $4.99 (with ads) or $9.99 (without ads). Subscribers interested in live programming (such as spots) will have to upgrade to the advertisement-free option.

Tom Ryan, president, and chief executive officer of Paramount Global Streaming, says this change will make Paramount+ and Showtime one of the more affordable streaming options on the market. Likewise, this merger also allows Paramount Global Streaming to increase the value of what they offer to its customers.

This singular user experience streamlines sign-up and enhances discovery, and this lower price will allow more households to enjoy this exceptional combined entertainment offering.”

How do subscribers feel about this streaming merger?

Many subscribers admit they were not too surprised by this news. In fact, some claim they don’t understand why this didn’t happen sooner with Paramount owning both streaming services. Another subscriber noted it was sad to see streaming services merging together just to survive against giants such as Hulu and Netflix. Moreover, a lot of subscribers claim the Showtime streaming app has a lot of issues. So, this merger could be a very good thing.

Overall, this streaming service merger is just going to save subscribers money and time in the long run. Will you be upgrading to this bundle? Let us know in the comments.

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