‘The View’ Sara Haines Calls Herself A ‘Dumb B*tch’?

Sara Haines On The View [The View | YouTube]

The View co-host Sara Haines called herself a “dumb b*tch.” She let it all out in the new promo for the talk show, which premieres on Tuesday, September 6. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the daytime show has a new attitude.

It promises “new guests” and “new views.” Some of the co-hosts are also giving major attitude. Newbie Ana Navarro came out punching in the promo. The countdown is on and ABC has been promoting the upcoming season.

Sara chuckled as she cussed herself out. The squeaky-clean talk show host had fans in a state of shock. Find out why they’re praising her for this candid moment.

Sara Haines The View Promo [The View | Twitter]
[The View | Twitter]

Sara Haines gets sassy in new promo

Sara Haines got sassy as she promoted the talk show in a new promo. The 44-year-old co-host says that she hopes to amplify other people’s voices in the new season. The video bleeped her out as she got candid in a rare moment.

Sara is typically the type of person who stays neutral when discussing topics. However, she was feeling a little spicy during the latest promo. The ladies of The View discussed what this role means for them. Sara talked about her time on the show and shared some inspiration.

Sara Haines The View Promo [The View | Twitter]
[The View | Twitter]
The View has given me a strong sense of myself. It allowed me a place to not only amplify my voice but to find my voice and to really question my voice and to stand tall when it wasn’t popular,” Sara Haines explained. “And so, the best thing it really gave me in a sense was me.”

She wants to help amplify other people’s voices. There are times when Sara wanted to speak up, but she stays quiet. She hopes that sharing her opinion will inspire others to do the same. That’s when she got candid and shared her personal thoughts.

“We only have five voices. But I do hope that there are people who hear what I say and think, ‘Oh gosh. That’s what I was thinking,'” Sara continued. “When that happens that’s nice to hear because usually you only hear, ‘you dumb b*tch,’ so please speak up if you agree.”

Then she chuckled to herself.

The View fans praise her candidness

Some of The View fans are shocked to see Sara Haines cuss. Others were happy to discover her candidness. They want more like this on the show. Some of them took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

  • “She’s usually so even-tempered.”
  • “Sara getting bleeped was so funny.”
  • “She is very articulate when she speaks.”

The View promises a whole new outlook for Season 26. Fans have already made some suggestions for what they want to see moving forward. What are your thoughts on Sarah’s candidness? Sound off below in the comment section.

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