‘DWTS’: Lindsay Arnold Reveals The Reason She Didn’t Return

Lindsay Arnold and Matt James, DWTS from Instagram

Lindsay Arnold is one of several Dancing With The Stars pros who got their start on So You Think You Can Dance. She’s been part of the DWTS family for many years now but confirmed that she will not make it back to the ballroom this fall. The last time she sat out was in Season 29 when she was pregnant with her daughter.

But why is Lindsay sitting out this year? Will she ever come back? Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Lindsay Arnold chose not to come back this year

The official Season 31 cast list doesn’t come out until September 8 on Good Morning America. However, insider Krystin Burtt leaked the pro cast list in advance. Noticeably absent was the Season 25 champion Lindsay Arnold.

“I wanted to let you all know that I have decided not to be a part of Dancing With The Stars this season. This has been one of the hardest decisions to make but ultimately I have chosen what I feel is best for myself and my family,” the 28-year-old wrote on her public Facebook page. “DWTS has been a part of my life for over 10 years now and when I say I love the show with all of my heart I mean it!! This show has changed my life forever and will always mean the world to me.”

Lindsay went on to say that her family ultimately impacted her decision to sit out this year. The family lives in Utah and Lindsay needs to temporarily locate to Los Angeles every fall to participate in the show. That also means taking her daughter Sage along with her. Sage will be two years old in November and it’s definitely not an easy move for the little girl.

Lindsay Arnold and daughter Sage from Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

“All this being said it’s so important to me that you understand none of this has anything to do with my love for the show as that will NEVER change and it also doesn’t mean that this is the end for me and DWTS,” she continued. “Although this decision has been so hard to make I feel so much peace about it and know that it is the right thing to do.”

Although fans felt disappointed by the announcement, they ultimately understood. No one could blame Lindsay for putting her daughter before her career.

The dancer had her share of drama during Season 30

Lindsay Arnold did come back to DWTS for Season 30 after giving birth to her daughter. Last year, she partnered with The Bachelor star Matt James. They were eliminated pretty early in the competition.

Lindsay Arnold and Matt James, DWTS from Instagram
Lindsay Arnold & Matt James/Instagram

The pro dancer didn’t take the elimination well and even accused the judges of having a hidden agenda. Before Lindsay made her public announcement, some fans thought the exec team possibly fired her over the drama.

Lindsay’s fans will be pleased to know that she will consider coming back in the future. But Season 31 will look a little differently without her.

Stay tuned for the latest Dancing With The Stars Season 31 news.

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