Lindsay Arnold Speaks Out About ‘DWTS’ Judges’ Hidden ‘Agenda’

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This may ruffle some feathers over at ABC. Dancing With The Stars pro dancer Lindsay Arnold recently accused the show’s judges of having a hidden “agenda.” Fans agree that the judges seem extra critical this year, but Lindsay believes there may be hidden motives.

The dancer posted a vlog after she and The Bachelor star Matt James left the competition, revealing she was home in Utah and that she was completely shocked by the elimination. And she wasn’t the only one. The internet lit up after the judges chose to send the pair home over Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong.

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Lindsay Arnold and her sister Jensen get candid in a tell-all podcast

After a rough season, Lindsay Arnold is not holding back when it comes to her time on the show this year.

“We’re gonna do a podcast and spill all the juice on the past couple weeks on Dancing With the Stars. … I’m gonna chat all the things about what I think about the elimination that happened … because I have thoughts. Get ready for it.”

The vlog then shifts gears and features Lindsay and her sister Jensen recording their podcast at Lindsay’s home. The sisters catch up and then discuss the drama that went on during the show.

Mostly, Lindsay just feels confused about the whole situation. She feels that Matt James genuinely gave the competition everything he had and it shone through during his performances. Keep in mind that Matt James has no dance experience while many of the other contestants have dance backgrounds.

In the vlog, Lindsay describes her shock when the judges gave their scores.

“They said nice things, like they weren’t mean, but then we got 6s, which was like — it was insane … they were so blatantly underscoring Matt. I’ve been around on this show for a long enough time to know when they’re just purposefully underscoring somebody for some sort of agenda that I’m not aware of,” the 27-year-old dancer admitted.

“We did not deserve 6s and the thing that sucked was then watching the rest of the night and seeing how other people scored and their quality of dancing and comparing, it was just mind-blowing to me. I was super bummed and Matt was bummed.”

Catch the vlog on the Arnold Sisters’ YouTube channel:

The Arnold sisters don’t really think the judges’ votes are fair this year

In the vlog, the Arnold sisters discuss the controversial split vote that had the internet up in arms.

This year, there are four Dancing With The Stars judges. If there is a 2/2 split, then head judge Len Goodman decides who will stay and who will go. Lindsay explains how judges’ votes work this year and that she also found it confusing.

Many fans don’t like the way Lindsay Arnold and Matt James left the show, but that’s what happened. Do you think the elimination was fair or do the judges really have a hidden agenda? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Of course the judges are corrupt you can see it with Carrie Ann giving her favorites higher scores and bruno horny cat cooing the men, and tyra bringing in idiotic scoring how on earth if 3 out of 4 can there be a tie for Len to decide. Then with same sex dancing dwts will be losing viewers if things doesn’t go back to how it was.

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