‘Below Deck Med’: Who Is Kyle Viljoen Dating?

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In Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Kyle Viljoen flirts with charter guest Frank. There was chemistry between them from the first time they met. Their connection grew with each passing moment. However, dating charter guests are frowned upon.

Kyle admitted that he’s so smitten with Frank that he’s willing to leave the boat for him. Does that mean he’s going to risk his job for a romance? Fans are curious to know who Kyle is dating these days.

He mentioned that he found the love of his life. Was that love connection with Frank? Read on to learn more.

Kyle Viljoen Poses With Courtney Veale
[Kyle Viljoen | Instagram]

Does Kyle Viljoen lose his job?

In his confessional interview, Kyle admitted that he couldn’t help himself. From the moment Frank walked up to the boat, he was immediately attracted to him. Kyle knew he had to get to know this beautiful, tall man. The Below Deck Med Season 7 newbie could lose his job if their flirtationship continues.

The preview for the rest of the season shows him partying with the charter guests. Kyle tells chief stew Natasha Webb and fellow stew Natalya Scudder that he’s attracted to Frank. He can feel a connection growing between them. There’s just one little problem. Relationships between the charter guests and crew members are generally prohibited.

Kyle Viljoen & Below Deck Med Season 7 Crew [Kyle Viljoen | Instagram]
[Kyle Viljoen | Instagram]
In Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Hannah Ferrier got in trouble for flirting with charter guest Jason Ziegler. She couldn’t resist saying goodbye to him before he left. The two snuck into a room and kiss behind closed doors. To this day, some fans think more happened between them. This didn’t go over well with Captain Sandy Yawn, who enforces the rule on her boats.

If Kyle isn’t careful, he might feel the wrath of Captain Sandy. In his interview, Kyle agreed that he was “being unprofessional.” During his breaks, Kyle tries to get to know Frank and his fellow charter guests. He’s also quick to point out that he’s drinking Redbull and not alcohol.

Below Deck Med Season 7 preview — Does Kyle find love?

In the next episode for Below Deck Med, Kyle admits to Natasha that he hasn’t been attracted to someone “in a long while.” He gets so swept away that he continues to party with Frank on the boat. Natasha worries about Kyle losing his job. So, she tries to keep him busy.

However, Natasha and Kyle start to have a good time with the guests. They had so much fun that they forgot most of the tasks they need to finish. Natalya wakes up and is so mad that she has to finish what the night crew failed to do. It looks like Kyle’s crush on Frank doesn’t last long.

Kyle Viljoen & Zachary [Kyle Viljoen | Instagram]
[Kyle Viljoen | Instagram]
Below Deck Med fans will soon find out what happened between them. In December 2021, Kyle started dating a man named Zachary. He recently declared his love for him on Instagram. During his July 25 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle admits that he’s “officially in a very, very loving, supportive, charismatic, outgoing, adventurous relationship.”

What are your thoughts on Kyle flirting with a charter guest? Do you think that’s grounds for firing? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. They also stream a few days early on Peacock.

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