Hallmark’s ‘The Way Home’ Adds ‘Versailles’ Star Evan Williams

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Hallmark’s new time-travel drama, The Way Home, just added its first male lead, Evan Williams (Versailles, Christmas Takes Flight).

What do we know about his role in this new family drama?

Hallmark Adds Evan Williams To The Way Home

Hallmark has added another cast member, Evan Williams, to their new drama, The Way Home. According to Deadline, Evan is portraying Elliot Augustine.

In recent weeks, Hallmark has cast the three generations of Landry women, including Andie MacDowell, as Del, Chyler Leigh, as Kat, and Sadie Laflamme-Snow, as Alice.

What Do We Know About Elliot Augustine?

In The Way Home, Elliot Augustine is a Port Haven, New Brunswick high school friend of Kat’s. Now, he is a science teacher at that very school. Turns out, he is also Alice’s science teacher.

Way back in the past, Elliot had major feelings for Kat but never revealed a peep. Those feelings now seem contained, as the two are once again close friends despite nearly two decades apart.

Moreover, it turns out that Elliot is instrumental in Alice learning about her family history. She starts out reluctant to uncover any information. However, the more Alice learns, the more she wants to know.

This tragic history was the catalyst that made her mother leave Port Haven for good. Now, Alice has an opportunity to uncover the truth and start healing. These lessons are essential to the three generations of Landry women growing

What information does Elliot reveal that changes Alice’s mind?

Chyler Leigh-Hallmark-https://www.instagram.com/p/ChajoxZA9Y3/?hl=en
Chyler Leigh-Hallmark-https://www.instagram.com/p/ChajoxZA9Y3/?hl=en

When Is The Way Home Premiering On Hallmark?

Hallmark will premiere The Way Home sometime in 2023. Currently, they have advised that When Calls The Heart Season 10 will premiere mid-season. That could be in April or May, in order for the series to finish airing before Christmas In July. Or, this could be in August.

Hallmark’s new series Ride will likely premiere in February, and likely that The Way Home, will premiere sometime in August 2023, or right after Ride Season 1 is done, in the late spring.

The Way Home Season 1 started filming in Toronto two weeks ago. Hallmark has not shared any information on the new series, such as the number of episodes.

Chyler Leigh Talks About Her Journey

During the first week of filming Hallmark’s The Way Home, Chyler Leigh shared on Instagram, “Took time off to work hard on myself. It’s not been easy. Letting go of the past can be quick or a lifelong journey. But it’s a journey that is so so worth the climb. My thanks to those who have helped me along the way. I’m standing on a new mountain top and am so excited for what’s on the horizon. @hallmarkchannel #TheWayHome #KatLandry … here we go 😎”

Could Chyler’s journey inspire her new role? Fans will have to watch to find out.

Are you interested in watching the premiere of Hallmark’s new series, The Way Home?

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