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Tom Schwartz Feels ‘Salty’ About Katie Maloney Split?

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Tom Schwartz admitted that he’s feeling “salty” after his split from Katie Maloney. In March 2022, the couple took to their respective Instagram accounts to announce the news to their fans. Schwartz had a harder time moving on from their marriage. He assumed they would be together forever.

As for Katie, she revealed that she wasn’t happy in their marriage. She was the one who filed for divorce and started dating after their split. The two moved out of their Valley Village home that they shared. On a recent episode of her podcast, Schwartz opened up about their breakup. He explained why he was feeling some sort of way.

Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Tom Schwartz feels “salty” about moving out

Tom Schwartz said he feels “salty” about moving out of their home. No one could keep it since it’s in the millions. The estranged couple moved out of the house into their own apartments. Schwartz revealed how he’s adjusting to his single lifestyle in his new apartment. On the Friday, August 19 of You’re Gonna Love Me, Schwartz admitted that he doesn’t mind downsizing.

“I don’t need much. I’m low maintenance. I can live in a small little apartment,” Tom Schwartz told Katie on her Dear Media podcast. “It’s just, living in a small, little apartment that you have to pay $3,500 a month for? It’s hard not to be salty. You know what I mean? It’s smaller than my apartment in college.”

Tom Schwartz [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
The move has been hard on both of them. Katie shared an emotional Instagram post on moving day. She couldn’t believe that she was saying goodbye to their marital home. Despite the cost of rent, Schwartz admitted that he’s “grateful to have a roof over my head.” He’s been enjoying his new digs ever since. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Katie visited him at his Los Angeles apartment.

“I do like my apartment. It’s hard to go from what we had to that,” Tom Schwartz said.

Katie Maloney’s ex has a hard time living alone

He admitted that he’s always had a hard time living on his own. Tom Schwartz was used to being with his best friend. Prior to living with Katie, he “always had roommates,” so it was never an issue for him. Now, he’s on his own more than ever — especially as he gets adjusted to his new lifestyle.

“I have friends periodically come stay with me, which is really nice,” Schwartz said.

Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
He also doesn’t like being “worried about neighbors” again. He finds himself “tip-toeing around on my floor.” Thankfully, his neighbors have been “lovely.” It’s just something he has to be mindful and considerate about once again.

What are your thoughts on Tom Schwartz being salty about moving out? Do you find it relatable? What are your thoughts on Schwartz and Katie’s situation? Sound off below in the comment section.

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