‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik Gives Rare Glimpse: Unkempt Home Life

Mayim Bialik On Kelly Clarkson Show

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik gave a rare glimpse into her unkempt home life. On the game show, the actress looks like she has it all together. Mayim appears buttoned-up and poised. However, she admits that she’s a bit of a mess.

Fans love that the Big Bang Theory star isn’t like other Hollywood actors. Mayim likes to keep it real on social media. She’ll post the occasional makeup-free selfie. Other times, she’ll share a photo of herself with messy hair.

Once again, the game show host shared another glimpse into her life outside the camera. Read on to learn more and to see the photo for yourself.

Mayim Bialik On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Mayim Bialik shares rare photo with fans

The Blossom alum didn’t look anything like her usual self on the quiz show. Mayim Bialik went makeup-free in a rare photo posted on Instagram. This comes after she had a short Instagram Live in which she wore a little bit of makeup. Mayim shared a cute photo of herself snapping a selfie in her mirror.

The comedian sat on the floor as she showed off the mess in her home. Green plastic litter bins were on the floor in front of her. Mayim Bialik wore a black long-sleeved shirt and dark pants. She smiled wide as she snapped the photo. Meanwhile, her cute cat made an appearance as it licked its lips at the camera.

Mayim Bialik Promotes Litter Genie [Litter Genie | Instagram]
[Litter Genie | Instagram]
“I live for my cats but I could definitely live without having to clean their litter!” Mayim Bialik wrote at the start of her lengthy Instagram post.

She shared the photo to promote Litter Genie, which does all the work on its own. However, fans appreciated the rare and candid moment. One user wrote, “U look so cute,” while another added, “Awwww kitty.” Other fans talked about their love for Litter Genie.

Jeopardy! host shares health PSA

Earlier this week, Mayim Bialik took to Instagram to share three makeup-free photos of herself wearing a blue hospital gown. The first photo showed her wearing thick glasses with a messy ponytail. In the second photo, she made a silly face at the camera, while in the third she wore a blue surgical mask.

In the caption, she revealed that she was having her yearly pap test and mammogram. Mayim Bialik encouraged her followers to do the same. She also admitted that she had a difficult time putting on her gown. The Call Me Kat star tore it while she tried to pull it over her head.

Mayim Bialik's Health PSA [Mayim Bialik | Instagram]
[Mayim Bialik | Instagram]
“Guess a Ph.D. means nothing when faced with a paper hospital gown,” Mayim Bialik joked in the caption.

One fan responded: “#Bazinga.” Another thanked her for the reminder and the laugh. What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik’s latest Instagram post? Sound off below in the comment section.

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