Mayim Bialik Snubbed By ‘Jeopardy!’ Fan?

Mayim Bialik Hosts Jeopardy [Jeopardy | YouTube]

Mayim Bialik shared that she was snubbed by a Jeopardy! fan. The host shared the “awkward” encounter she had with the viewer who didn’t recognize her. The actress took to Instagram to share the details of the story with her follower. Read on to learn more and to see what happened.

Mayim Bialik shares her “awkward” encounter

Ken Jennings will continue to split hosting duties with Mayim Bialik. Both have replaced the late Alex Trebek. On Friday, August 12, Mayim posted a six-minute video on her Bialik Breakdown Instagram account. She wore a gray long-sleeve shirt and a hint of makeup.

During the short chat, she recalled an “awkward” encounter she had with a fan of the game show. They didn’t recognize the Big Bang Theory star. Mayim was joined by her boyfriend Jonathan Cohen. He stood behind her and enjoyed a chocolate bar as he listened to her story.

Mayim Bialik On Kelly Clarkson Show [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
[The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
“I went to the lobby of where I was filming this Jeopardy! shoot today and [a] man was wearing a mask and I was with [my assistant],” Mayim Bialik said. “[My assistant] said to the man, ‘We’re here for a Jeopardy! shoot.’ The guy says, ‘Oh, are you going to be on the show?’ and it was kind of awkward.”

That’s when the Blossom alum realized that the viewer didn’t recognize her. Jonathan joked that the person thought she was a “guest.” Mayim informed the fan that she was the “host” of the show. He then asked, “What about Ken Jennings?”

Mayim Bialik & Jonathan Cohen On Instagram [Bialik Breakdown | Instagram]
[Bialik Breakdown | Instagram]
She explained that they “share duties.” The fan was like, “Oh” and appeared confused. He still didn’t understand that he was speaking to Mayim Bialik. Her boyfriend chimed in and said what the viewer could’ve been thinking: “I don’t watch when the woman is on!”

Mayim Bialik said she was “tired” during their interaction. She tried her best to be nice. The fan also asked her if she knew that Alex was Canadian. She joked, “Montreal is a city, right?” as her partner laughed behind her.

Jeopardy! host continues to get backlash

Mayim Bialik has received backlash for her hosting style. Most fans wish that she wasn’t one of the permanent hosts of the game show. They argue that only Ken should host the show on his own. Jeopardy! producers explained that they need more than one host due to the plethora of spinoffs, specials, and shows they have in the works.

Mayim Bialik Gets Jeopardy Back [Jeopardy | YouTube]lash
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the show’s execs asked her to keep it real. She would speak to “imaginary” announcer Johnny Gilbert, who wasn’t in the studio. The 94-year-old records the intros from home. The execs came up with the idea of having her look into the camera and thanking him instead. Mayim accepted their constructive criticism and moved forward with this slight but useful change.

What are your thoughts on the story about a Jeopardy! viewer snubbing Mayim Bialik? Does this surprise you? Do you think it was intentional? Sound off below in the comment section.

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