‘OutDaughtered’ Star Uncle Dale Mills Warns Fans About Scammer

Dale Mills Instagram, OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale Mills wanted to give his followers a heads up about a scammer online. Unfortunately, something is going on and it could end up affecting his fans. So, what is happening and what did Dale share?

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale Mills issues a warning.

On Instagram on Saturday, Dale let everyone know that he was dealing with a scammer. Unfortunately, someone was posing as him on Instagram and was trying to get his fans’ attention.

Dale Mills Instagram, OutDaughtered

In a new Instagram Stories post, the OutDaughtered star posted a screenshot of another account that has a similar username. The account features his same profile picture and bio, too.

It looks like someone is trying to impersonate Dale. It’s unclear what exactly they are trying to do by getting his followers to follow them. Hopefully, they didn’t take advantage of any OutDaughtered fans before Dale sent out this warning.

It looks like the account has already gained quite a few followers who may be fans of the Busbys. Over 2,000 people are following the spammer’s account.

In his post, Dale wrote, “Don’t accept or follow this account. Report them! #Scammers.” You can see the Instagram Stories post below.

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

See how the scammer’s account differs from Uncle Dale’s.

Whoever is attempting to scam Uncle Dale Mills and his followers tried to make their account look just like his. They even used the same exact information in his Instagram bio.

You can see Dale’s REAL Instagram account in the screenshot below. His username is DPMills10, while the spammer’s is DaleMills10_. So, it’s easy to see why fans might think this is Dale’s second account.

In the screenshot below, you may notice a blue badge with a checkmark next to Dale’s username. This means his account is verified and that it’s really him. The spammer does not have this because they would be unable to confirm that they actually are Dale.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram, OutDaughtered

So, be careful if you come across this second account on Instagram. Take Dale’s advice and report them if they attempt to follow you or contact you. It’s unclear what exactly the user is trying to do, but it’s probably not good. Hopefully, the account will be shut down by Instagram in no time.

So, did you see this scammer’s Instagram account, too? Are you glad that Uncle Dale Mills warned fans? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about TLC’s OutDaughtered.

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