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Supermom Danielle Busby Saves Blayke’s Day

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Blayke Busby of OutDaughtered had a bit of a misstep during her first week back to school, but her mom Danielle was able to swoop in and save the day. What happened that caused things to go wrong for Blayke? How was her mother able to swoop in and make things better? Keep reading for the details.

Supermom Danielle Busby saves Blayke’s day

Blayke Busby and her five younger sisters all started school this past week. Adam and Danielle admitted on Instagram they were so busy all summer they missed signing up for prepackaged supplies. Moreover, they waited till the last minute to do school shopping. Adam, however, celebrated getting everything they needed during one major shopping trip to Target. OutDaughtered fans can only wonder how much money Adam and Danielle must’ve dropped on that shopping trip.

Outdaughtered - Blayke Busby
Outdaughtered – Blayke Busby

On her second day of 6th grade, Blayke Busby suffered a bit of a blunder. Turns out, she messed up and left home without something important! Danielle Busby poked fun at the fact that she was still in her PJs as she raced to the school to help her daughter.

Danielle Busby proceeded to explain that her daughter, Blayke, accidentally left her lanyard with her ID badge at home. Typically, this ID is what students use to pay for their lunches. Adam and Danielle’s children, however, take their lunches to school.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Blayke Busby is a bit of a hero too

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Blayke Busby must take after her mother because she’s also a bit of a hero! A little over a month ago, Adam Busby shared a video revealing that Blayke spotted a baby bunny in their pool and wasted no time saving the baby from drowning.

“And I got a net that wasn’t attached to the pool and he was trying to get out. He couldn’t get out, and I was like, panicking. And I grabbed a net and scooped him up and I was just like holding him in the net. I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh. What do I do?'” Blayke Busby said in the video as she recalled what happened.

Danielle Busby daughter Blayke OutDaughtered
Danielle | Instagram

At the time, Adam reached out to his followers for advice on what to do with the baby. He didn’t really want to keep it. He, however, didn’t want to leave it in the yard as he worried the dogs would go after it.

Just like her daughter Blayke, Danielle didn’t waste any time and immediately left the house in her PJs to take Blayke her ID badge.

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