Controlling Kim Kardashian Micro Managed Pete, He Was Done?

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Who broke up with whom? This is a question that has been on Kardashian fans’ minds after Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s unanticipated breakup. The news of this breakup came amid rumors that the reality star is getting back with her ex-husband Kanye West. While sources state that it was Kim who broke up with Pete after he proposed to her, fans don’t feel the same.

Pete Davidson Had No Other Choice But To Break Up With Kim

The Kardashians fans have now come up with a new theory. They feel that it was actually Pete who broke up with Kim and not the other way around.

So, why did Pete break up with Kim? What were the circumstances that led to this abrupt split? Keep reading to find out the scoop!

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As per The Sun, a source close to the former couple revealed that the SNL star was tired of Kim trying to control him. They explained, “Pete went into this relationship with the best of intentions. He feels bad that Kim’s upset by his decision to end things, but also feels like he was left with no choice.”

“It had reached the point where it was all people asked him about, like his career as a successful SNL comedian and actor had flown out of the window, and all of a sudden he was Mr Kim Kardashian,” continued the insider.

Kim Kardashian Controlled Every Small Thing In Pete’s Life

The informant also talked about Kim’s behavior toward Pete. They said, “Kim’s controlling behavior was key to Pete’s decision. Kim was constantly micro-managing him, even telling him what he can and cannot wear. She insisted he only be seen in brands that were affiliated with her family deals. And, there were endless meetings and daily call sheets that made his head spin.”

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“On top of that, he had to keep up with her weight loss regime, get in shape, stay off the junk food and look the part of her future husband,” claimed the insider.

They also talked about how excited Pete was to get away from Kim when he had to go to Australia for his movie shoot. The informant mentioned, “By the time the Australia shoot came up, Pete was thrilled to be away from all Kim’s diet and exercise obsessing, but he still had to contend with her being on his case 24/7 about what he was up to.”

Was Momager Kris Jenner Behind Pete’s Proposal To Kim?

The real reason for the former couple’s breakup is unclear as of now. However, a source close to the family noted that the proposal wasn’t Pete’s idea. It was momager Kris Jenner who enforced the idea of proposing to Kim on Pete’s mind.

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As per sources close to the family, Pete was reluctant about the idea of proposing. However, Kris made him do this grand gesture to mimic Kourtney and Travis’ proposal.

What do you think is the real reason Pete and Kim broke up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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