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Todd Chrisley Surfaces, Calls ‘WOACB’ Katie Joy A Delusional ‘Liar’

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Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best has mostly opted to steer clear of social media after he and his wife were found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud. He, however, surfaced on Twitter recently with some choice words for YouTuber Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball. As TvShowsAce, has previously reported, Katie Joy and Todd Chrisley have been in a heated feud and legal battle for a while.

Todd Chrisley argued Katie Joy was defaming his family (more specifically his daughter, Lindsie) by reporting facts that simply weren’t true. Katie Joy has argued that the reality TV king himself had in turn defamed both her and her husband as well.

So, what’s the latest update on Todd Chrisley versus Katie Joy? Let’s take a closer look at what the two have posted about it.

Chrisley Knows best - Todd chrisley - Katie Joy - Without A Crystal Ball
Chrisley Knows best – Todd chrisley – Katie Joy – Without A Crystal Ball

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball claims things are almost over

From the very beginning, Katie Joy has accused Todd Chrisley of coming after her with frivulous lawsuits. She alleged the reality TV star was not happy with her reporting facts about his family. Katie Joy of WOACB has always done her best to back up her claims with proof of what she’s been reporting. Moreover, she also claims to have a pretty healthy supply of anonymous sources. For the most part, Katie Joy appears to report facts with evidence. At times, however, she does include her opinions as a reporter based on the facts she has in her hands. Katie has always made an effort to clarify the portions of her reports that were her opinions based on facts.

Recently, the YouTuber has claimed her legal matters with Todd Chrisley are coming to a close. Katie claims that some of her legal matters have reached a settlement. She also alleged that the other party had missed deadlines on filing certain things. Katie Joy made a point to mention that details were confidential, but the legal matters were coming to an end. And, she was grateful for her legal team.

Katie Joy - Instagram
Katie Joy – Instagram

Todd Chrisley paints a different picture

About 24 hours ago, Todd Chrisley took to Twitter to call Katie Joy out on her alleged lies about the legal matters. Without calling her out by name, it was clear to everyone his post was referring to the YouTuber. His tweet alleged that she was both delusional and a “liar.”

Delusion is a state of mind, not a ruling of court, my suit against The fake reporter is alive and well, judge tossed her harassment claims and 7M is full steam ahead, she has reached no settlement with me at all. Other than an email begging for no further litigation,she’s a LIAR.”

In his tweet, Todd Chrisley argues they did not reach a settlement on her lawsuit. He argues the judge tossed her lawsuit. Moreover, Todd claims Katie emailed him and begged for no additional litigation to take place.

Katie Joy has since responded to this accusation photo of paperwork she says confirms a settlement was reached on her litigation and it was not thrown out as Todd claims.

What do you make of Todd Chrisley vs Katie Joy? Let us know in the comments down below.


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  1. Todd “NARSACIST” Christly is a con man and a liar!! Think he will be able to wear Gucci in prison? The bubbas will love pretty boy!

  2. I may not agree with TC and his seemingly non-law abiding practices, but I despise WOACB. I have seen her contradict herself in the same breath. So I am fairly confident that there are 3 sides to this story, TC, WOACB, and the actual truth. I feel for the judges that have to sit through these hearings.

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