Wendy Williams' Strange Bank Altercation With Ex-Attorney [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

Wendy Williams Has Strange Bank Altercation With Ex-Attorney

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Wendy Williams had a strange bank altercation with her ex-attorney. The two got into a heated argument just days before her accounts were frozen. Wendy is still dealing with her financial situation with Wells Fargo. Earlier this month, the former daytime talk show host was spotted in New York City.

Fans were in shock over Wendy’s latest appearance. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she appeared confused and gaunt as she looked for her car. The pop culture icon told the paparazzi that she still had to sort out the mess of her financial disaster. Her American Express cards haven’t been working either. Now, new details are coming out about Wendy Williams’s fight with her former attorney.

Wendy Williams' Fight At Wells Fargo [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

Wendy Williams argued inside a Florida Wells Fargo branch

Wendy Williams returned to New York from Florida to work on new projects. She hopes to turn a new leaf amid her ongoing health and financial problems. A new report reveals that she got into a fight with her former attorney inside a Florida Wells Fargo branch. LaShawn Thomas spoke exclusively to The Sun about the incident.

The fight argument took place last year before Wendy’s accounts were frozen. LaShawn is no longer working with the former television personality. She is working for Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter. She denies Wendy’s claims of “financial exploitation,” which has also been brought up by the bank, as evidenced in the court papers.

Wendy Williams Fighting Over Finances [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
“I met Wendy at the Wells Fargo branch. We went into the Wells Fargo branch and we spoke to the branch manager,” LaShawn explained to The Sun. “We told him what was going on.”

Wendy’s estranged son Kevin Jr. was also present at the time. She has since shut her family out of her life. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy’s brother Tommy Williams called her out for uninviting her son on her birthday. Wendy removed herself from her family as she surrounds herself with her friends and her new manager, Will Selby.

The fight over her frozen bank accounts

LaShawn and Wendy Williams hoped to get access to her bank accounts at the time. They were mailed to her New York residence. Wendy didn’t have access to online banking even though she has a reported net worth of $20 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Her son wanted to help her access her finances while she was in Florida.

“Wendy said she wanted to get access to the accounts,” LaShawn explained to The Sun before recalling what the branch manager said, “‘Well, we don’t have that in the retail branch. That’s the Wells Fargo advisors, let me see if I can get somebody on the line.'”

He reached out to Wendy’s financial advisor, Lori Schiller. The two conversed and Lori said she was “willing to talk to Wendy,” but no one else could be in the room with her. Wendy refused and wanted her attorney present. So, they left the bank without answers.

Wendy Williams Fired Attorney [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

Wendy Williams fires attorney

The reason why Wendy Williams couldn’t get access to her information is that the branch is not one where she would normally conduct her business. She has since fired her attorney after that incident. LaShawn said she’s banned from contacting the former talk show. She also denied the allegations of a conflict of interest in the ongoing case with Wells Fargo.

LaShawn is siding with Wendy Williams’ ex-husband. She thinks he did a great job with producing her talk show. Wells Fargo denies any “improper actions” with Wendy’s bank accounts. Meanwhile, Wendy’s manager says he’s never met LaShawn. He only spoke to those associated with the legal battle against Wells Fargo.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams not accessing her frozen accounts? Do you think there’s mishandling at play? What are your thoughts on Wendy firing her attorney? Sound off below in the comment section.

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