Wendy Williams Wins Victory Amid Wells Fargo Lawsuit [Credit: YouTube]

Wendy Williams Wins Victory Amid Wells Fargo Lawsuit


Wendy Williams has won a victory amid her lawsuit against Wells Fargo. Earlier this year, she dragged the big bank to court after they froze her bank accounts. She claims they kept her from paying her team and making money. The bank says she needs a power of attorney to access her accounts.

Wendy used her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., as her power of attorney. He’s been helping his famous mom regain her health again. As fans know, Wendy went on an extended hiatus in September 2021 to focus on her ongoing health issues. But now, she has something to celebrate.

Wendy Williams Celebrates Court Victory [Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]
[Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]

Wendy Williams could “have access to her millions”

Wendy Williams has been waiting to get access to her money back. She just reached a new victory amid her ongoing lawsuit with Wells Fargo. A court “appointed a financial guardian over her bank accounts.” This will get the daytime talk show one step closer to having “access to her millions.”

Wendy Williams has been in a long court battle with Wells Fargo over her frozen bank accounts. A New York judge just appointed someone to oversee her finances. The Sun was the first to report on her latest court victory.

“The guardianship process is complete, which means the court appointed a financial guardian. Now it’s up to the guardian, Wendy and the court as to how she will be accessing her money.”

Wells Fargo is no longer involved with the court proceedings. The bank will only interact with Wendy Williams and her guardian, an insider told the outlet. Other sources shared that a temporary guardian was put in place back in March. However, it’s unclear if the court-appointed guardian is the same person.

Wendy Williams' Financial Problems [Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]
[Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]
Wendy’s team chose someone who’s “financially savvy” and can understand her bank accounts. She just wants to have access to her bank accounts. From there, she will end her guardianship. Still, that’s up to the court to decide.

Daytime diva wants to make her voice heard

However, Wendy Williams isn’t on board with this idea. She feels that she should “still have a say when it comes to her finances.” While “she doesn’t have 100% control right now, that could all change soon depending on what the court decides.” However, it’s not the same kind of conservatorship that Britney Spears was placed under in 2008.

A financial guardian is someone who’s looking over Wendy Williams’ finances to ensure that her bank accounts are in good standing. They will also determine that the financial decisions made are in her “best interest.” While she achieved this victory in court, she won’t have access to her bank accounts until July 2022.

Wendy Williams Wants Her Money Back [Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]
[Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube]
It’s unclear who has access to Wendy William’s billions. Her former manager Bernie Young tried to have control over her money but was met with force from the daytime diva herself. Earlier this year, Wendy accused Bernie of using her American Express card to hire attorney Carolyn Wolf without her consent.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ latest court victory? Do you think she’ll have access to her bank accounts in no time? Do you think she’ll make a return to TV? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. you said ,”It’s unclear who has access to Wendy William’s billions. ”
    I would say it’s unclear, when did Wendy obtain “Billions”!?!🤔

  2. Q. How is it that her son as Power of Attorney able to accomplish more than her attorney?

    A. Two reasons. First, the attorney works for the BAR, not clients. Secondly, when represented by an attorney one is viewed as a minor that can’t speak for themselves, which is why she was assigned a guardian, like a child under the age of making such decisions.

    Banks, Wells Fargo in this case, are trustees with the duty of dispersing/ directing benefits to the beneficiaries.

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