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‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: New Dyre Fest Nominees Revealed

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It’s been a crazy week in the Big Brother house. After the house split into two separate games, things started getting hectic. However, now, the new nominations for the outdoor house have been revealed!

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead

Big Brother Dyre Fest

This week, the Big Brother house has been split into two different games. Terrance (outdoor HOH) is joined by Kyle, Joseph, Alyssa, and Turner. Indoors, Michael serves as the BroChella HOH with Brittany, Jasmine, Taylor, and Monte.

Unfortunately, fans haven’t been able to keep up with the Dyre Fest side of the game very well this week though as the live feeds have been cut after someone tried to yell to the houseguests over the wall. Since fans last saw the houseguests, there has been a Veto competition and meeting which has totally changed the game,

Initially, Turner and Joseph were on the block. Terrance found out about the leftover alliance and couldn’t believe that Turner didn’t tell him, earning him a spot on the block.

However, according to Spoiler Girl on Twitter, this has all changed. The winner of the Veto competition decided to use the Veto on Turner. Now, Kyle is sitting on the block with Joseph. This is not good news for the leftover alliance.

“2 other sources confirmed to me the veto was used on Turner and it’s Kyle vs Joseph. #BB24 🤭,” Spoiler Girl shares on the account.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Who will go home?

Of course, this is a super important eviction seeing as two members of the LO alliance sit on the block and Dyre Fest. However, some are starting to lean towards this being Kyle’s ultimate demise. Kylie is in a showmance with Alyssa. That action made not only players uncomfortable, but viewers at home also don’t think it was the best move for his game.

  • “So as long as Turner votes to save Joseph, Kyle is gone. Or else I’m not understanding why Terrance would use the veto.”
  • “I’ll take it. And I’m praying, “Please make Kyle go. Please make Kyle go!” #bb24”

Some don’t think that Kyle will go home though. Instead, they just think this is a big play to cover for Kyle since he told Terrance about the LOs. However, that means that, unfortunately, Joseph will be going home this week.

“Joseph is still gonna go. This is just Terrence & kyles cover up so they don’t know that Kyle ratted.”

As for inside the house, it seems that the POV was not used and both Jasmine and Monte remain on the block. It seems likely that Jasmine will be the one heading out this week.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

What do you think of the split house twist? Do you think it makes sense? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more BB updates.

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