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‘Big Brother’ Fans Blast Jasmine For ‘Milking’ Injury

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Big Brother fans have made it pretty clear that they aren’t standing for drama this year, especially fake drama. That’s likely why they are blasting one houseguest for milking her injuries. Keep reading to find out why some think Jasmine is faking her injury.

Big Brother Jasmine gets hurt

At one of the very first competitions this summer, houseguests had to run across what could be called a balance obstacle course. The players had to run across tiny beams, jump on spinning targets, and shimmy across a wall before hopping onto a platform to win the comp.

One player, however, didn’t make it out without getting hurt. After finishing the competition, Jasmine lept off and hurt her ankle pretty badly. She was likely carried off the game space and had accommodations made in the house including a scooter for her to rest her ankle on.

However, at this point, that was several weeks ago. Now, fans think she may be using the ankle as an excuse – but only sometimes. Especially because this week, after hobbling around the house, she competed in the Otev competition and even jumped from the wall in the legendary BB wall competition. Fans took to Reddit to discuss their theories.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Is the injury even real?

“Ok…but my husband wants to know why Jasmine didn’t how in pain after landing on her foot. after leaping from the wall???” one person asks a thread on Reddit.

Of course, several others replied saying they agree.

  • “I noticed that too. She hobbles around the house with the stupid cane like a 90 year old, but can jump off a wall (5-6 foot drop I’m guessing) no problem? Make it make sense Jasmine.”
  • “Because she has been faking it. When she hurt her foot they said she needed to rest it for 2-3 days, not 2-3 weeks. She just wanted an excuse not to compete and not do anything around the house. She is awful.”
Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Unfortunately for Jasmine, despite her southern hospitality, it doesn’t look like she’s the most favorable player inside the house.

“She’s as lazy as a boiled crawdad,” one fan says in an effort to mock the Big Brother houseguest.

“She’s sorrier than a chicken who can’t lay eggs,” another chimes in.

Do you think Jasmine is milking her injury? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on your favorite Big Brother houseguests!

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  1. She is definitely milking it!!! They’ve even told her at one point she was ok to compete in one of the comps and she chose not to, and that was a couple weeks ago. Otev is the first think she’s competed in since she won HOH. It’s time to play Big Brother Jasmin or go home!

  2. I do everything that others do or go home..its not fair to the others that are playing. Let her come back to another game when shs well

  3. She is definitely milking it when she goes to jury house we will see her in full motion I can’t believe she’s doing this when there are legitimate people who were hurt badly myself being 1 broke both arms and was in braces and a cast for 9 months and I couldn’t wait to get out of them wth is wrong with her brain

  4. She’s a disgrace to Mississippi and I’m from Mississippi.
    She’s lazy and definitely faking it. I was able to walk when I broke my ankle two days after I had my cast put on. She don’t need to return to Mississippi because she’s going to be dogged worse than a beagle.

  5. She’s definitely milking it. I’ve sprained my ankle MANY times and the longest I needed crutches was like maybe 10 days, and that was with a TORN LIGAMENT! She most definitely is completely healed by now and is just irritating. Evict her!

  6. Let her come back? That is the worst idea ever. She’s fake and her idea of gameplay is horrible. Let her come back, that’s a horrible idea. Kick her out, don’t allow her to go to jury and send a message to the next generation of Big brother competitors, that kind of nonsense isn’t allowed.

  7. I have nearly tuned Big Brother out this season because that girl makes me cringe when she is on camera. I have only continued to watch in hopes that someone will become as tired of her bulls**t as myself and target her with both barrels. Seems like the house (led by Turner) is finally exhausted by Jasmines high maintenance presence. Oh the joy to see her go!

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