‘Today Show’ Fans Angry, Want Co-Host ‘Front & Center’

Today Show Fans Angry, Want Co-Host Front & Center [Today Show | YouTube]

Fans of the Today Show are angry with the morning show. They’re calling out production for always shoving this co-host in the back of the group segments. Find out why they want this co-anchor to become the “front and center” of the show.

Savannah Guthrie injures her ankle

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Savannah Guthrie injured her ankle during a jazzercise segment. She took to Instagram to share a clip of the incident, which took place during a live broadcast. On a recent episode of the Today Show, Savannah showed off her incredible physique in a gray tank top and colorful leggings.

Today Fans Slam Show [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
She was having a good time while dancing and running around. Unfortunately, that fun came to an end when she hurt herself. She admitted that her ankle rolled over on itself. Some of the fans took to her Instagram post to wish her well.

  • “Those tricky ankles — once they’re compromised. Ugh. Hope you’re back to full speed soon.”
  • “Loved this. So sorry about your ankle! Ouch!!”
  • “Oh no!! Get well.”

This comes just weeks after Savannah hit herself in the head with a pickleball paddle. She was also called out by Today Show fans for being too clumsy. She joked to physical therapist David Endres that she’s probably the first person “who’s hit their head with a pickleball racket.” As Savannah takes a break from the show, some fans are slamming the show for pushing this anchor in the back.

Today Show slammed for always putting co-host “in the back”

In that same jazzercise segment, Today Show fans noticed that co-host Sheinelle Jones stood behind the instructor. Meanwhile, Savannah was “front and center.” Fans think the two should’ve switched places. Both Savannah and Sheneille took part in the routine, while all the focus was on Savannah.

Savannah Guthrie's Jazzercise Segment [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
As she spoke with the instructor, Sheneille was pushed to the back. The instructor led the group of women behind her. The Today Show fans didn’t know Sheinelle was still there since she blended in with the crowd. The camera focused on Savannah as she messed up her moves during the exercise.

Today Show Fans Want Sheinelle Jones Front And Center [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Was Sheinelle Jones snubbed?

Some of the Today Show fans were upset about that segment. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts. While most were concerned about Savannah, others said they wished they could’ve seen Sheinelle dance instead of klutzy Savannah. They noticed that she was snubbed by the show’s producers.

  • “Maybe Sheinelle should’ve taken the front instead?”
  • “Wondering why they stuck her in the back, but easy to figure out.”
  • “Sheinelle was better, definitely should’ve been in front!!”
  • “Always sticking Sheinelle in the background, she was on point.”
  • “Sheinelle needs to be front and center!”

What are your thoughts on the jazzercise segment? Do you agree that the Today Show always snubs Sheinelle Jones? Do you think she should be front and center? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. She oversleeps, on purpose ???? She injured her ankle ??? How much attention does she need ??? She is pathetic !!!
    Buh bye Savannah !! Hope YOU and Jenna, are on your way out, not Hoda !!

  2. Velma Anderson I didn't like because she was push to the hack there is a power struggle between Hoda and san says:

    Savannah take over she want to be in the spot light her and Hoda cut people off and they don’t give shanell time to talk at time and take over the show. I USE TO LIKE WATCHING BUT IT IS NOT the same it Isa power struggle between those ladies and they lift was shanell and Crage do

  3. Savanah looks like a giraffe next to the girls. She’s overbearing and curt and seems to lack respect for fellow anchors. I love HODA KOTB !! Savannah wants all of the attention on her 🤮

  4. I quit watching years ago, due to Savannah’s brow beating interviews…Go back to your lawyer days.

  5. Used too watch the morning today show from 8 to 9 its isn’t the same anymore as we know Matt is gone that a good thing then Katie gone. Al isn’t the same guy they need to get new faces on the morning show.

  6. It would just be nice if all could get along. We have no idea what might be going on in those peoples lives. I think we should stop being such a critical society, we need to concentrate on our LIVES which are so much more important! Thank you

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