Emotional Hoda Kotb Mourns With ‘Today’ Colleague

Emotional Hoda Kotb Mourns With Today Colleague

Hoda Kotb was overcome with emotion as she mourned with her Today co-host. She tried to fight back tears as she shared heartbreaking news with viewers. Read on to learn more.

Today co-host mourns the loss of a loved one

On Friday, August 19, Hoda Kotb announced to the Today Show viewers that NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel’s six-year-old son passed away yesterday. The co-host tried to fight back tears as she shared the sad news. Hoda couldn’t get through the news. She had to collect her breath as she talked about the passing of his son.

“This morning we have heartbreaking news to share with you about a member of our NBC News family,” Hoda Kotb started the show. “Henry Engel — Richard Engel and Mary Forrest’s six-year-old son has passed away. He suffered from a rare disease called Rett Syndrome.”

Hoda Kotb Overcome With Emotion [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Hoda also shared Henry’s story with the viewers. The camera cut to clips of the family having fun with their son. The couple previously appeared on the Today Show to bring awareness about Henry’s medical condition. The touching segment had all of the co-hosts breaking down in tears.

Hoda Kotb and Sheinelle Jones couldn’t stop crying. They had to comfort one another. Once again, Hoda tried to pull herself together to share a message with Richard, Mary, and their family.

“All of us are sending out love to Richard, Mary, and Theo,” Hoda Kotb continued as her voice cracked.

“We are just wrapping our arms around this family,” Sheinelle jumped in and said.

“They are so brave for sharing his story because there are so many families out there going through that,” NBC News Now Anchor, Joe Fryer, said. “Richard, we love you and we’re praying for you.”

All three of the co-hosts couldn’t stop crying. They cried as they shared love and support for their colleague.

Hoda Kotb wants to adopt again

This sad news comes after Hoda Kotb admitted that she wants to adopt all the children in the world. She graced this week’s issue of People. Inside the new publication, she talked about her split from her former fiance Joel Schiffman. The two are navigating their co-parenting relationship, which has its share of struggles at times.

Hoda admits the hardest part is coming up with a schedule that works. The former pair share two daughters Haley, 5, and Hope, 3. She would like to adopt a third child since she always hears heartbreaking news about kids.

For now, her focus is for her and Joel to co-parent their daughters. Hoda Kotb also shared that she’s ready to find love again. Share your thoughts and prayers for Richard and Mary Engel and for their family in the comment section below.

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