Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Split This Summer?

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott | Youtube

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been dating for a while and even share two children. However, all good things must come to an end. It seems fans think that a breakup is right around the corner for the two of them.

Kylie Jenner and Travis breaking up?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been an item for years now. They share two children together and seem to spend a lot of time together. However, that doesn’t mean that they are forever. One follower took to Reddit to explain what they think will happen. Turns out, they don’t think the relationship will last past the end of summer.

“Y’all these two lovebirds ain’t gonna last too much longer. My prediction is by the end of the summer they’ll break up. Obviously he still cheats 🍵 🐸 Will Kylie realize sooner or later? The man looks like a pair of shoelaces. I mean guuurrll get yourself a man that ain’t look like he from the damn Bugs Life Movie,” they write in their post.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott | Youtube
Travis Scott | Youtube

Are they even together?

This brought up a key question. Are Kylie and Travis actually dating? The pair actually broke up and never announced that they were dating again before getting pregnant with their second child. After that, it was just assumed that they were dating as they seem to spend a lot of their time together.

However, many Reddit users think that they aren’t together. They think this could be more of an image thing for the two of them and the relationship is rather open.

  • “I don’t think they are together now. I truly believe he can do whatever he wants and she is okay with that.”
  • “She just wanted another kid this is strictly for his image and for her to have another kid by the same guy. Also, they’re using it to coverup Astrowold. He’s so fucking ugly no way she is actually attracted to him. I’m sick of them.”

Of course, there’s always a chance with celebrities that they are doing what they are doing just for their brand. Some think this could be something like that.

Travis Scott - YouTube
Travis Scott – YouTube

“They probably have some type of agreement in place when it comes to him being with other women or she turns a blind eye to it now and tolerates it to save face. Remember we wouldn’t even know about the turbulence in their relationship unless it was for leaked information, at this point i think it’s just a relationship to keep intact the brand,” another user says.

Kylie and Travis aren’t very open about their relationship so it seems that they likely won’t tell fans if they are together or not.

Do you think Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are a good couple? Or, should they call it quits? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Kardashian and Jenner family members!

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  1. I believe Kylie needs to find a man that’s not a Rapper..Rappers are hoes and thats the truth.. They can’t and won’t be loyal to their women. I believe she needs to find a man that can live with the Kard/Jenner women.. I wouldn’t and couldn’t live with my family running my life. Kylie needs to stop playing there lil games they play.. She has two children and now its her time to stop playing and raise her children like a mom suppose too. I hope she steps a side from the rappers and finds a good business man to be with that is true to her. Travis is no more in love with her and he shows it too. I believe he has played her just like all of them will because she is to easy. Learn to act like lady and not a hoe.. I have to say Kourtney is the smart one.. She moved on with her life and lives with a man that loves her and she wants away from the Kard/Jenner BS. A great mom she is… Also Kylie you need to grow up and raise them babies like you are suppose too. I believe Travis will want to be part of there life and that’
    s up to him. I hope ya figure yr life out without yr family in it and be that Adult that you are and enjoy your children… Kylie the world knows yr a wonderful mom and Travis is a good daddy plus you both love them but Travis is not ready to settle down and be that daddy right now. I hope you figure yr life out soon.. Good Luck…

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