Kylie Jenner’s Son M.I.A. While Daughter Stormi Treated Lavishly

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Kylie Jenner has lately been having a gala time with her 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. Between their trips to London and lavish shopping sprees, the mother-daughter duo has been spending a lot of quality time together. But why is her newborn son MIA? Why is Kylie hesitant to show off her son as she did with Stormi?

Keep reading to find out what fans have to say about this!

Kylie Jenner Shares A Clip Of Her Daughter’s Shopping Experience

Lately, Kylie has been globetrotting lately as she spent the start of August in London. She was there to celebrate the opening of Kylie Cosmetics’ latest booth at Harrods department store. The reality star also went to the O2 Arena to support her hubby Travis Scott’s latest concert. However, what caught fans’ attention was the fact that her daughter Stormi was by her side the entire time.

Kylie Jenner YouTube

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The young one was also treated to a luxurious personal shopping spree at a famous store that had racks of designer bags, shoes, and clothes all set out strategically for her. Kylie shared an Instagram clip of their mother-daughter adventures in London.

“Is this not the craziest? You are a spoiled, spoiled girl,” she said, showing off all the merchandise in the store worth thousands of dollars. Not just that, days later, Stormi was seen in clips and pictures as she partied with her mother & her friends on a private yacht. The party was organized in honor of Kylie’s 25th birthday.

Fans Share Reasons Kylie Jenner Is Hiding Her Son

However, fans quickly noted that Kylie’s six-month-old son was nowhere to be seen in these family memories. Citing this absence, one fan tweeted, “I wonder why Kylie Jenner be hiding her other baby?”

“You would forget Kylie has a second baby, with as long as she has had him in hiding,” mentioned another.

Many wondered if there was any specific reason for keeping her son hidden for so long.

One fan speculated, “Do you think Kylie Jenner is hiding her baby boy’s face bc he’s ugly? Bc, she shared Stormi’s face right away.”

Another chimed in, “Kylie Jenner is hiding this new baby and his name better than she hid her first pregnancy. He will be in kindergarten soon for sure.”

Expert Chimes In On Reasons Kylie Has Kept Her Son From Public’s Eye

Kylie and her partner Travis Scott welcomed their son in February 2022. However, the couple has been very secretive about their second child, including keeping his name under wraps. Although they initially named their son Wolf Webster, they later retracted the name, stating that it didn’t fit him.

Kirsty Ketley, a parenting expert, talked about a possible reason for all this secrecy. The Parenthood app founder told The Sun, “While there has been no official statement as to why this could be, and it is certainly not something to be critical of, one reason may be down to the constant backlash they face about their parenting,”

Kylie Jenner YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“It is though that kids will have well over 1000 pictures of themselves on social media before they reach the age of five due to parents’ sharenting’ their every move-the good and the bad! This, of course, comes with risks, whether you have a private account or not, as people can easily, and quickly, screen grab and circulate images,” she continued.

“That means they can easily fall into the ‘wrong’ hands, and your child can be exploited online, in places where you really don’t want them exploited. It is also important to remember that everything you share is there for your child to see once they are old enough to access these platforms and may leave them feeling violated and embarrassed. With Kylie reaching millions of people every day, this, of course, can be a cause for concern,” she concluded.

Do you think this is the reason Kylie has been secretive about her son? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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