Jill Dillard Shares How Michelle Duggar Helped Out Post-Surgery

Jill Dillard Instagram, Duggar family Instagram (Michelle Duggar)

Former Counting On star Jill Dillard is relying on her mom, Michelle Duggar, after undergoing surgery last week. The Duggar daughter was previously distanced from her mom. But now, things seem to be different. Keep reading to get all of the details and see how Michelle is pitching in.

Jill Dillard undergoes gallbladder surgery.

As we reported, Jill recently revealed to fans that she had to have gallbladder surgery just weeks after welcoming her third child, Frederick, to the world. In an Instagram post, she shared that she was close to making it to six weeks postpartum without any complications.

She said she had a “horrible bout of pain” and ultimately needed surgery.

Counting On Jill Duggard Instagram
Counting On Jill Duggar Instagram

But she ended up needing to have her gallbladder removed. After the surgery, she relaxed on the couch and focused on recovering. The Duggar daughter wrote, “I’m sipping my vegetable broth & eating my apple sauce & mashed potatoes!”

Below, you can see the picture Jill Dillard shared with fans when breaking the news to them.

Jill Dillard Instagram

Michelle Duggar pitches in.

In the comments section of Jill Dillard’s Instagram post, fans are offering support and suggestions to help her recover. This is something she requested in her post and seems to be getting a lot of useful advice from her followers.

One fan mentioned that they previously had their gallbladder removed too. They noted that getting up and walking was difficult but made a huge difference.

In response, Jill Dillard revealed that she has been going on walks already. She said, “Yes…My mama and Derick have been taking me for walks lol.”

Jill Dillard Instagram

So, despite any potential drama between Jill and her parents, it looks like they were able to put their differences aside during this time. Jill seems to appreciate the help from her mom and Derick.

Jill recently moved to Lowell, Arkansas because Derick accepted a job in Oklahoma. Fortunately, her new town is just roughly 15 minutes away from the rest of the Duggar family in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Though Jill doesn’t post about her mom and dad on social media often, she made sure to acknowledge how her mama is supporting her right now.

So, does it surprise you that Michelle Duggar and Jill Dillard appear to be on better terms these days? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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