Jon Gosselin from Instagram, Collin and Hannah Gosselin

Hannah & Collin Gosselin React To Their Mother’s Brutal Betrayal

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Hannah and Collin Gosselin opted not to live with their mother after their parents split up. Instead, they realized they were much better off living with their father instead. Now, it seems like that really was the best option for the kids.

The Sun recently shared they obtained court documents revealing that Kate Gosselin had actually stolen money from her children. Long ago, Jon and Kate both agreed that it was wise to start trusts for their children so they would be financially secure when they turned 18. But it turns out that Kate actually “borrowed” some money from the trusts and didn’t pay it back.

So how are Hannah and Collin reacting to the news?

Hannah & Collin Gosselin are angry and hurt over the situation

The Sun claims that Jon Gosselin was absolutely furious when he realized what Kate had done. She alleges that she just borrowed $100,000 from Hannah and Collin’s trusts to handle some living expenses. She intended to pay it back, but that never happened.

Jon Gosselin from Instagram, Collin and Hannah Gosselin
Jon Gosselin/Instagram

The publication had a chance to speak with Jon, who called Kate’s moves “disgusting” and “morally wrong.” But now, many fans want to hear from Hannah and Collin.

According to In Touch Weekly, the kids are incredibly hurt by their mother’s betrayal.

“The kids in Jon’s custody, Hannah and Collin, are aware of what’s gone on,” an insider reportedly told the publication. “They feel terrible about it.”

The insider went on to say that Jon and Kate both chose to film their families — that was never a choice the children had. Stealing the money the children earned from the show was the ultimate betrayal.

How did Jon Gosselin discover that money was missing?

According to The Sun, Jon Gosselin noticed a pretty serious banking error when he got custody of Hannah and Collin. He knew exactly how much money was supposed to be in the trusts. And it was immediately clear that some money was missing. When questioned in court, Kate Gosselin admitted to taking the money.

Kate Gosselin from TLC
Kate Gosselin/TLC

According to court documents, Kate said that she believed the kids actually owed her well over $300,000 in tuition. She felt that she was well within her rights to temporarily borrow $100,000 from the trusts to cover basic living expenses.

“Parents are not supposed to withdraw any money from these accounts without permission and without drawing up paperwork that they will pay it back – but she has produced no paperwork and no payments have been made,” Jon told The Sun. “You can’t just live off your kids’ money. It makes me feel disgusted. She has been on TV telling the world she has saved her children s money when she’s actually been stealing from them – she’s a hypocrite. There’s been no remorse from her at all. Now they’re 18 she thinks she can get away scot-free.”

Check back for more updates on the Gosselin family.

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