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Danielle Busby Brags: Baby Boy Gus Has Amazing Ability?

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Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories recently to dote on her baby boy, Gus, and his amazing ability.

As OutDaughtered fans know, Danielle will be the first to tell you she has three baby boys total. She has Graeson Bee, Beaux, and Gus. Last week was busy for Danielle and her family as it was the first week back to school for all six of their girls. As fans who have been following updates closely know, Blayke started a day before the quints. Likewise, Danielle revealed Ava and Olivia (the Busby twins) would be in different classes again this year.

Turns out, Danielle and Adam’s dogs are also pretty involved in the process of getting the girls ready for school. So much so that Gus has actually developed a pretty amazing ability. What is it that Gus Busby can do exactly?

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby brags about Gus and his ability

The OutDaughtered mom shared a photo of Gus behind held by Blayke as he looked out the window while they were driving. In a caption she attached to the photo, Danielle admitted she was a bit shocked by how smart her baby boy Gus really was. She thought it was “funny” that Gus already had the morning school routine down and knew exactly what part he played.

Danielle explained that every morning when the alarm goes off, Gus knows it is time to wake up. She adds that her baby boy wastes no time scurrying in to place to make sure he gets loaded up into the Busby bus with his sisters when they travel to school.

The OutDaughtered mom opted to share this with her followers because she adored how involved Gus was and she was impressed with him.

Check out a screenshot of her Instagram Story down below.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Gus and Beaux love their sisters

Adam and Danielle frequently share photos and videos revealing how excited Gus and Beaux get when the girls come back from a trip or school. The reality TV parents have also made it clear both pups are a huge part of the family as they jump into the Busby bus and tag along for drives pretty frequently.

Do you think it is sweet that Gus caught on to the school routine so quickly? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on OutDaughtered.

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