‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby’s Baby Boy Has Birthday

Danielle busby - Youtube

Danielle Busby took to Instagram about a week ago to thank her followers for loving and supporting her baby boy. The proud reality TV mother doted about how her baby boy was three years old. What baby boy is Danielle Busby talking about exactly?

Wait, who is Danielle Busby’s baby boy?

Now, Danielle Busby technically has three baby boys. Two of them are her furbabies, Gus and Beaux. She, however, has another baby boy that is very near and dear to her heart. While fans find the way she refers to it to be a bit frustrating because she doesn’t actually have a son, Danielle Busby refers to her clothing boutique as her baby boy.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, when Adam and Danielle were not blessed with a son, they decided to use the name they had picked out to name their clothing boutique. Fast forward three years after launching their clothing boutique, they now have a physical storefront where they can interact with customers in person.

Outdaughtered Adam - Danielle Busby Youtube
Outdaughtered Adam – Danielle Busby Youtube

What has her talking about Graeson?

Danielle Busby was doting on the fact that her baby boy was three years old. Moreover, she was boasting about how happy she was because her “work” was something that she really loved doing. Here’s what she had to say to her fans:

When you LOVE what you do, it’s never work but JOY! I had the best day ‘working’ at @graesonbee ! I have had my Boutique online for 3 years now but man! it’s like a completely different love I have for the shop now that i have a store front. I love meeting all of you and styling all ages – ladies, kids and babies! I absolutely LOVE being able to help each of you find that outfit/s for you! What a FUN DAY it was! Thank you everyone who loves/support my ‘baby boy.'”

She concluded: “AND HUGE SHOUTOUT to my love @adambuzz for being the best Dad and having fun doing dad stuff with our girls! So blessed to have a husband that loves being a present Dad.”

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Do Adam and Danielle Busby want a baby boy?

It goes without saying that there is some part of both Adam and Danielle Busby that yearn to have a son. Danielle mentioned it recently on Instagram as she stocked baby boy clothing for her clothing boutique. As fans know, the couple cannot conceive any more children. This, however, doesn’t mean they can’t look into surrogacy or adoption. Danielle and Adam have told fans during an interview that if the timing is right and their faith compels them to do so, they will add a little boy to the family. For now, however, they will just enjoy the family they have.

Are you among the fans who wish Danielle would stop talking about her baby boy on Instagram? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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