Wendy Williams Stored Booze In Weird Places Of Talk Show [YouTube]

Wendy Williams Stored Booze In ‘Weird Places’ Of Talk Show

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Wendy Williams allegedly stored booze in “weird places” on the set of her old talk show. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, her staff wanted to make sure that she was sober enough to host. Her health problems first started in 2017, when she fainted on air during the Halloween show.

Wendy wound up as an internet meme. Soon after that, she became her own punching bag and hot topic as a result of her personal problems. The former daytime diva wasn’t the type to share what was going on in her life. However, she felt it was important for her to be open about her substance abuse and divorce from Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams Health Problems Spiraled [YouTube]

Wendy Williams struggled with many issues

In the explosive piece published in The Hollywood Reporter, Wendy Williams struggled with many issues. She went through a public divorce and cheating scandal in 2019. That same year, she entered a halfway house to attempt to get sober.

Two years later, she mourned the death of her mom, Shirley Williams. Suddenly, her best friend was no longer with her on this planet. Before then was when Wendy struggled with her health. Each passing year, it grew worse.

The report also suggests that Wendy wasn’t sober at the time. It’s unclear whether it’s contributed to her memory and behavioral problems. There were times when Wendy Williams wasn’t in sound mind to host her own show.

Wendy Williams Struggled With Substance Abuse Problems [YouTube]
Her staff had to keep checking each day if she was ready to go. Wendy would always ensure them that she was “fine.” Some days were harder than others. She was allegedly struggling with her ongoing substance abuse problems.

Producers reportedly questioned Wendy Williams “at least 25” times via text messages to her team before the show started. In addition, insiders alleged that her staff would “find bottles [of alcohol] up in the ceiling tiles and other weird places in the office.”

They would make an “ultra-quick” judgment on whether she was TV-ready. As long as she was ready at 10 a.m., they would proceed with filming. Regardless of what she was going through, she would say she was “fine.” There was one instance in spring 2021 when they canceled a taping and aired a repeat in its place.

Wendy Williams Hid Problems [YouTube]

Her health is reportedly on a decline

Sadly, Wendy Williams’ health has reportedly been on a decline ever since. Both her fans and former friends are concerned about her. They don’t think she’s in good hands. The former radio personality cut her family out of her life.

Her son Kevin Hunter Jr. was taking care of her in Florida. Something happened after they flew from Miami to New York City. Wendy also uninvited him from her birthday party. Her brother Tommy Williams calls her “selfish” for the way she’s acting right now.

It’s clear that Wendy isn’t herself. Yet, she has a new team and manager who wants to pursue her next career move. She’s working with her new manager, former jeweler Will Selby, who has plans for a restaurant and podcast. Only time will tell if Wendy Williams is truly ready for her big comeback.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Wendy Williams.

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