‘MAFS’ Season 15 Spoilers: Where Do Nate & Stacia Stand Today?

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Fans have kind of been divided on their thoughts regarding Season 15 MAFS couple Nate and Stacia. Some think they really have a chance while others feel like it may be doomed. They appeared to be attracted to one another immediately on their wedding day. Will they be able to last and decide to stay together on decision day? Keep reading to find out the status of this hot couple. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 

Do MAFS Season 15 couple Nate and Stacia make it?

Many wondered how Nate would react when Stacia sprung on him that she wanted a post-nuptial agreement signed. She said it was an absolute deal breaker and had he said no to the agreement she would have asked for a divorce without question on decision day.

However, Nate was receptive and said he respected her for being responsible and protecting her assets. As for his deal breakers, Nate said she must not have bad teeth, no career and she couldn’t be arrogant.

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The Married at First Sight couple has already had a few steamy moments together as well. The two took a shower together which was later talked about on the after-party show. He jokingly said it was to save water. Nate dished that it was hot and that it did get steamier when the cameras left. He said they got to know each other better that night.

MAFSfan shared details about the status of Nate and Stacia’s marriage on their Instagram page. So what happened to this MAFS couple? They opted to remain married on decision day.

What is their status today?

While many couples opt to stay married on decision day and try to make things work, sometimes they split after. So, what ended up happening to Nate and Stacia after decision day?

According to more spoilers from MAFSfan, Stacia and Nate are still a couple. In fact, they were seen together on August 6 at a Target. Plus, although Stacia did say regardless of their marital status post-show, she was going to change her name. She did. However, many see this as a good sign that the couple is making it work.

So far it seems like the experts got it right with these two. They really seem happy and like they have a real shot at staying married. There are many fans cheering them on their newlywed journey continues on Lifetime every Wednesday.

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