‘MAFS’ Season 15 Spoilers: Do Lindy & Miguel Make It?

MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube

MAFS airs Wednesday night and fans are loving seeing San Diego couple Lindy and Miguel together. Their wedding was adorable and they seemed to have amazing chemistry from the start. They seem perfect together now but will they have what it takes to remain married and dedicated to one another? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Will MAFS couple Lindy and Miguel stay together?

It’s only about a month into the season but fans are already anxious to learn if some of the five couples on MAFS Season 15 decide to stay married or get divorced.

One particular couple of interest to fans is Lindy and Miguel. They started out strong and their wedding was adorable. Lindy and Miguel really appeared to be willing and ready to give their new marriage a chance. However, could there be problems down the road?

Lindy and Miguel have two very different definitions of love. Lindy believes that love is a choice and Miguel believes it’s all about feeling. So, he said while there is a spark there with Lindy he can’t be positive he will fall in love with her. Lindy has voiced to her new husband how much this terrifies her.

MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube 1

Wednesday night will reveal Lindy and Miguel sharing more about themselves with one another. Like every couple who has been Married at First Sight, they have their obstacles to overcome.

Another obstacle they face is that their siblings are really butting into their relationship. Fans are not liking it either. Many feel like their siblings should mind their own business. Will this interfere with their marriage down the road?

Some spoilers shared by Instagram account MAFSfan have revealed some interesting details about Lindy and Miguel. It seems out of the five couples, Lindy and Miguel were the first to become intimate with one another. Sounds promising so far right?

Decision day spoilers

According to MAFSfan, Lindy and Miguel do decide to remain married on decision day. The Married at First Sight couple decided their marriage is worth fighting for. So, did Miguel fall in love? Time will tell and all will be revealed.

They said yes to remaining married on decision day, but are they still together today?

According to reports, the answer is yes. Lindy and Miguel are reportedly still married today.

What do you think about Lindy and Miguel? Are you rooting for them to stay together?

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