‘MAFS’ Season 15 Spoilers: Which Couples Stay Married?

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Honeymoons aired for the MAFS Season 15 couples on Wednesday. Fans are already forming strong opinions about who will stay together and who will call it quits when it comes down to decision day. There are some spoilers surfacing about what fans can possibly be expecting to see when this San Diego season starts winding down. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Who will stay together or call it quits on MAFS?

Fans are already anxious to know who will stay together on Season 15 of Married at First Sight. Luckily, MAFSfan Instagram account has the scoop on what fans can possibly expect to see come decision day.

It was previously revealed that three out of the five couples stay together. It was also shared that one of the couples doesn’t even make it to decision day. So far there is no confirmation of who that is or if their situation was as bad as Alyssa and Chris from Season 14. However, there is one couple rumored to be the ones who don’t make it far. Find out which couple below.

Pastor Cal via YouTube
Pastor Cal via YouTube

Which couples make it and who doesn’t?

So which couples decide to remain married and continue their commitment to one another past decision day? First up are Lindy and Miguel. They were reportedly the first couple to consummate their marriage. Lindy and Miguel also reportedly choose to stay married on decision day. According to the spoilers they are also still together today.

Next up are Morgan and Binh. This is the couple that allegedly does not even make it to decision day. So, needless to say, they are divorced and are still not together today.

Stacia and Nate are another hot couple on this MAFS season. Fans are hoping they make it. If the rumors are true their wish will come true. Stacia and Nate stay together on decision day and are confirmed to still be together today.

Alexis and Justin seem to really be into each other. He has already said he will fall in love with his new bride. Will they make it? Reportedly, Alexis and Justin do decide to stay married on decision day. However, they are reportedly not still together today. There is no word so far about what caused their split.

There is one last couple that isn’t quite confirmed as to whether they stay together or divorce on decision day. This couple is Krysten and Mitch. It was originally shared they stay married but are not together today. However, it was also shared that the information could be inaccurate.

Are you surprised by any of these marriages splitting up or staying together? Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.



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  1. I feel so bad for Binh. Morgan is a straigh up bully and wants sympathy all the time. That poor man has been emotionally battered by her – and I hope he finds someone who is kind and gentle to treat him the way he deserves. Morgan wants life her way – and her way only. Marriage is work – and she’s too selfish to ever put someone else above herself.

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