Whoopi Goldberg Shaded By Her Own Granddaughter?

Whoopi Goldberg Shaded By Her Own Granddaughter? [The View | YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter threw her some shade. Amara Skye admitted that The View host is “annoying.” She spoke to Essence about her experience on the new show, Claim to Fame. Amara is one of the 12 contestants who mask their celebrity identity.

The ABC series is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, who are from the famous Jonas Brothers group. Whoever makes it to the end of the show without being guessed wins $100,000.

Even long before the season started, Amara was revealed as Whoopi’s granddaughter. She’s been trying to keep her identity from everyone else. Read on to see why she finds her so “annoying.”

Whoopi Goldberg Is Annoying? [The Late Show With Stephen Colbert | YouTube]
[The Late Show With Stephen Colbert | YouTube]

Did Amara diss Whoopi Goldberg?

In the new interview with Essence, Amara admitted that Whoopi Goldberg “can be annoying” from time to time. She talked about their close family. They established a “strong support system” that comes with its share of problems.

“Me and my grandma are super close. She’s everything,” Amara told Essence. “She’s my grandmother and she’s also really a grandmother. People who are lucky enough to have them know, that grandmothers are annoying and it’s another parent. You love her, but she’s annoying, and you know, it’s family.”

Amara Skye On Whoopi Goldberg [Claim to Fame | YouTube]
[Claim to Fame | YouTube]
The 32-year-old admitted that Whoopi only wants the best for her family members. She doesn’t want everything handed to them. Amara has to make sure that nothing slips out of her mouth while she’s competing on Claim to Fame. During the show’s premiere, the contestants had to share two truths and a lie about who they were related to.

Amara decided to take things up a notch. She shared an NSFW lie about Whoopi Goldberg. She claimed that she was an adult entertainment star. Her other statements were that her “famous relative is her grandmother” and that “she’s best known for being an actor.”

Makes shocking lie on Claim to Fame

Amara wanted to make her lie sound more legitimate. So, she revealed that “her biggest award is an AVN.” In her confessional, Amara explained her tactic that most people aren’t familiar with awards won in adult entertainment. So, she decided to use that so people wouldn’t guess that her grandmother is Whoopi Goldberg.

Amara Skye On Claim To Fame [Claim To Fame | YouTube]
[Claim To Fame | YouTube]
It was her way to “throw a lot of people off.” Whoopi Goldberg has won many awards throughout her illustrious acting career. She’s won an Academy Award, EGOT, and Golden Globe, along with others. However, she doesn’t have an AVN in her collection. Amara continued with her strategy to play up the adult entertainment factor and drop the acting clues.

What are your thoughts on Amara’s interview with Whoopi Goldberg? Does it surprise you that she finds her grandmother annoying? Would you say the same about yours? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. That’s messed up and disrespectful and ungrateful! I think she’s spoiled and what she did was truly “ghetto” and a disgrace to her family and name!
    Most kids would be grounded .. after an exhibition /exit like that!!
    Oops, oh yeah she’s 30 years old hah! Or 35!? Real mature!

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