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Mama June: Back To Court, What Now?

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Mama June Shannon is headed back to court. However, this time, it is her choice. Plus, it will air on television so all of her followers and fans can watch it go down. So, what exactly has her back in front of a judge? Read on to find out more.

Mama June’s Interesting Legal History

For June Shannon, she has not had the best track record with the law. In 2019, she was arrested on drug charges. That was when she realized she and her boyfriend, Geno Doak had to clean up their lives. At the same time, her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Shannon went to go live with her older daughter, Pumpkin. She needed a stable place to rest her head, away from the drama and stress. While June’s future was up in the air, she had convinced herself that she was not going to jail. Geno tried to give her a dose of the harsh reality that this was a possibility. Luckily, she was able to dodge jail time.

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She did end up dealing with court issues once again when Pumpkin decided that she wanted sole custody of Alana. June was still acting aloof and putting men in front of her kids. Therefore, she felt it was the best option. June signed the papers but was not keen on the whole child support issue. She believed that signing the papers meant she was relinquishing all of her parental obligations. Eventually, the support issue was settled and in April of this year, Pumpkin officially gained custody of Alana. So, what brings June back to the courtroom?

Back To Court?

TMZ is reporting that Mama June is headed back to court. Yet this time it is her choice. Apparently, she will appear on Court Night Live as the plaintiff. She is going up against her former good friend, Adam Barta, a content creator. The reality star is suing Barta for five thousand dollars. This is how it supposedly went. The two worked on a YouTube show where they would chit-chat about pop culture. Additionally, she alleges that she offered him advice and it ultimately turned into daily consultations.

Mama June/YouTube

Barta was supposed to pay June for her work and time but it seems that never happened. Therefore, she is taking him to television court. As for Adam, he feels that they had a mutual friendship so it was not about the money. She does seem to see it that way. Court Night Live airs on A&E Wednesday nights. It is hosted by Judge Greg Mathis, Vinnie Politan, and Judge Vonda Evans. Will you be watching?

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