Mama June Goes Nuts About Geno Beating & Robbing Her?

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Mama June Shannon has taken to TikTok to air all of her grievances. A rant from the end of June showed her going off about her ex, Geno Doak. She discussed what their relationship was really like and if he is still currently a presence in her life.

Mama June Parts Ways With Geno

Once June said goodbye to her longtime partner, Sugar Bear, she was not in the best company. It caused her family’s show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to get canceled. Instead of wallowing in sadness, she decided to undergo a complete transformation. This included a head-to-toe full-body makeover which landed her a spinoff. It documented her road to a new life and meeting a new man, Geno Doak. He was a contractor who was working on her Georgia home. Yes, he had a past but they were able to build a future together. He was even in attendance at her daughter, Pumpkin’s Las Vegas wedding to Josh Efird. Unfortunately, the happiness would soon turn very dark when the two began abusing substances. They went through all of June’s money, one million dollars spent on drugs in one year.

Mama June/YouTube

After getting arrested, June entered rehab. Her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson went to go live with Pumpkin in 2019 while June worked on her recovery. She and Geno tried to get their lives back on track but in the newest season of Road to Redemption, the truth came out. June told Pumpkin that Geno would drink to excess and get very controlling, saying horrible things to her. She was scared to break up with him privately so she decided to do it when he had to appear in court. It seemed that he was finally out of her life but is that really the case?

The Truth About Geno

In a TikTok from June 21, Mama June went off about everything from Sugar Bear to Geno. She revealed that, despite what she went through with him, her girls are still in contact with him. Apparently, Geno was physically abusive toward her. Furthermore, she claims that he “robbed” her. June goes on to say that her girls still talk to him despite the fact that he was abusive to her yet she let it go. She says she has made so many attempts to reach out to her daughters. Unfortunately, she was filming the TikTok live at the time on said phone so she was unable to show the proof that she wanted.

Mama June/TikTok

Despite claiming that she was fine with them communicating with her ex, June kept raging at the camera. It did not sound at all like someone who was fine. Her husband, Justin Stroud, who she married in March after just six months of dating, could be heard in the background. He was trying to talk her down. More so, he was letting her know that the girls could and would be watching. They might report what she was saying so she may want to watch it. She did not hold back on anything.

Do you think the girls are still talking to Geno and what reason would they have for doing so? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. There’s no way those girls are talking to the man that took their mama on a drug joyride thus endimg their relationship! Is June sure she is still sober?? She sure is acting irrationally.

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