Mama June’s Ex Geno Doak Wanted Man, Warrant Out


Mama June’s ex Geno Doak is in hot water once again. While she is openly celebrating big life milestones, Doak is trying to figure out how to repair his mistakes. What did he do wrong? Read on to find out.

Mama June Leaves Geno Behind

After learning that her longtime partner Sugar Bear had cheated on her, June Shannon ventured out on her own. She revamped her whole image and got a head-to-toe makeover. June never looked better and with that came a new man. She met Geno when he was doing work on her Georgia home. It seemed like they were a perfect match until disaster struck. They soon got involved in substance abuse and blew through all of June’s money. Eventually, the duo got arrested and June faced jail time. Luckily, she avoided it but Geno was not so lucky. He was sentenced to the Community Corrections Program in lieu of prison.


During this time, June’s youngest daughter Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ went to go live with her older daughter Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird. It was a struggle but it was much safer and they created a full house. June had entered rehab with Geno after their arrest and got sober or at least she did. Geno would drink to excess and become verbally abusive toward June. She wanted to leave him as she told Pumpkin but was scared. Finally, she told him it was over in front of the courthouse and returned to her children. She moved on with Justin Stroud who she married this past March. However, Geno has not been that lucky.

A Wanted Man

Recently, Geno posted a photo of himself looking sparkly and new. He had seemingly gotten new teeth and his eyes were clear and he had great skin. His followers were so pleased with his progress but now, it has gone downhill. According to TMZ, Doak is wanted by the police in Alabama. He has an active arrest warrant out for his failure to appear at the community corrections program. Apparently, he did not make it to the program as he has been in rehab. He entered rehab after a suicide attempt, though the sheriff claims he has been in contact with Geno all along.


In the long run, there are no plans to remove Geno from the rehab center and throw him behind bars. It is not believed that he is dodging his responsibilities at the moment. Just last year, June got him into rehab in South Carolina. This came after he chased ninety blood pressure pills with a liter of Jagermeister. Somehow he survived and is now believed to be in a better place. Hopefully, the news of Mama June’s nuptials does not cause him to backslide.

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