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Lindsie Chrisley Struggles With ‘Emotionally Heavy’ Week

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Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter Lindsie took to her Instagram to reveal her week has been “emotionally heavy” and she’s been struggling to navigate it. Her very somber update had her 634K followers rushing to the comments of her post to shower her with love and support. Many of her followers noted sometimes it was just ok to feel sad.

Did Lindsie Chrisley explain what had her feeling so down and considering the week to be “emotionally heavy”? Keep reading for the details on her sad update.

Lindsie Chrisley - Youtube
Lindsie Chrisley – Youtube

Lindsie Chrisley struggles with “emotionally heavy” week

Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter took to Instagram last night to open up about her past week. The former reality TV star explained that her week has been “emotionally heavy” for a number of different reasons. She proceeded to get relatable with her followers as she discussed still having to push forward as a mother, daughter, friend, and business owner despite having a bad week.

Not being able to be fully present in any role & give my best has added to the emotions. I’m trying to give myself a little grace & remembering to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. ⁣

Lindsie Chrisley continued to explain that her pastor made a truly moving speech that she needed to hear at church this week.

She penned reciting what her pastor told her: “This is a super simple yet a hugely impactful statement. We all should be reminded that Jesus knows everything about us & he still chooses us in the mess. Go to him honest & humble. Be mindful of your thoughts before they become your words. Watch your words before they become your actions. Watch your actions before they become your habits. Watch your habits before they become your character. Watch your character before it becomes your destiny.”

Lindsie Chrisley Youtube
Lindsie Chrisley Youtube

Lindsie concluded her post by asking her followers to share what comforts they take when feeling sad. She followed up by sharing some of her favorite things to do when she’s feeling down such as showering, spending time in bed, and ignoring the world.

Rumors swirl her relationship is in shambles

Rumors are swirling that her “emotionally heavy” week could be because of issues in her relationship. In Chrisley fan chatter, one fan claimed Lindsie’s boyfriend was busted for cheating on her and Lindsie just found out he was being unfaithful. Now, there was no real proof of this claim from the fan that posted it. It, however, was posted shortly before Lindsie discussed having a difficult week.

Do you think her sad update could have something to do with rumors that her relationship is on the rocks? Let us know your thoughts about Lindsie Chrisley’s Instagram update in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best.

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  1. Maybe her family shouldn’t have cameras following them around all day? Maybe to h people shouldn’t be complaining so much when the rest of us have the exact same problems but have no money to add on to our problems. I understand everyone has problems but if you are rich, keep your personal problems between you and your therapist or preacher.

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