‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Angry About Commercials Spoiling Show Results

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Jeopardy! remains one of the most beloved shows on television, and it easily has one of the most vocal fanbases of any televised game show.

These fans have recently begun speaking out about television commercials seemingly spoiling the winners of the upcoming Jeopardy! shows. However, there is more to the story than many fans might have thought.

Are Jeopardy! commercials spoiling the shows?

One fan took to Reddit to complain about something new when they mentioned that television commercials were spoiling the winners of the upcoming Jeopardy! shows. “Lately, I’ve been seeing commercials just before FJ that show the next day’s contestants, including the present day’s champion, which obviously takes some of the fun out of FJ,” they wrote. “I’m not sure if this is Jeopardy’s doing, or my local network affiliate(DC area). Anyone else seeing this?”

At first, fans were wondering if this was just a local thing, or if other fans had seen it too. One commenter said that “showing the next day’s players before FJ is a no-no.” Another then wrote, “Our station has been doing that the whole time they’ve been doing reruns this summer.” That last comment explained it all.

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The “spoilers” for who was winning Final Jeopardy! were only spoilers for people who didn’t see the shows when they originally aired. Jeopardy! has a six-week offseason each year from August until September. Right now, Jeopardy! is only airing reruns, so the spoilers are for things that already happened, like Amy Schneider’s 40-game winning streak and Matt Amodio’s 38 wins in a row.

Fans confused about episodes because of rotating hosts

Many Jeopardy! fans are struggling to keep up with what is new and what is not because the show kept switching between its two new hosts, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. “Yeah, I agree. I just didn’t realize it was still reruns as the tv info had that day’s date, and the host had gone back to Ken, after being Mayim,” one fan wrote. “And as I’d seen Ken may be the new permanent host, I jumped straight to thinking we were back on new eps.”

The good news is that, while Ken and Mayim are both remaining on as Jeopardy! hosts, it won’t be so confusing in the future because there is a scheduled time for when one hosts and when the other takes over. Ken will host Jeopardy! from September to January. After this, Mayim takes over hosting duties from the start of 2023 until the end of Season 39.

The two will also work on different special events. Mayim will cohost Celebrity Jeopardy! and the special tournaments. Ken will host the Second Chance Tournament and the Tournament of Champions. With Sony wanting to expand the series, the network wanted two hosts to cover any new shows.

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  1. Wish they would have just let the season end WITHOUT any reruns. There are so many people I would RATHER not see again on the show. Wishing they would make up their minds and get a steady everyday host. Show has been going downhill ever since the death of Alex.

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