Duggar Cousin Amy King’s Fans Fear For Daxton’s Safety, Why?

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King is under fire for her latest social media post. Fans are concerned about her son, Daxton. Many pointed out multiple potential safety risks in her new photos. So, what happened, and what are her followers saying about it? Keep reading for all of the details.

Though Amy isn’t one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids, she does have a decent social media following due to her association with her famous family. Because of this, she receives a lot of attention online, which can be both good and bad. This time, fans pointed out a safety hazard that concerns her son, Daxton.

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram Stories

Amy King shares a new photo of her son.

As we reported, Amy shared a new Instagram post about her two-year-old son, Daxton. In the pictures, the little guy, who will be three in October, is climbing in the fridge to get himself a snack. Amy wrote that he asked for carrots, so she encouraged him to get them himself.

It looks like the Duggar cousin’s son is a little daredevil and has no fears. He proudly climbed up to look for the carrots he had requested.

You can see the photo below.

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram

Because Amy snapped a couple of pictures, it looks like she was standing nearby while he was in the fridge. But many fans still took issue with the post.

Duggar fans express their concerns for Daxton’s safety.

In Amy’s Instagram comments section and on Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are discussing the new post. And it turns out that fans have a lot to say about it all. Amy’s followers are taking issue with the post for many different reasons.

Some fans noticed the cannabis-based gummies on the top right shelf in the door of Amy’s fridge. In the photo, it looks like they are within Daxton’s reach, which naturally has fans concerned. One Reddit user wrote that the bag “looks and tastes like candy but could put a kid in the hospital.”

Other fans are worried that Daxton will begin climbing on his own without Amy’s supervision. One fan said, “Uh oh, now you’ll find him sneaking snacks with his spiderman abilities đŸ˜‚” There’s a chance that Daxton could fall and injure himself if he does this by himself.

Amy King Instagram

Plus, Duggar fans also said it’s concerning that Amy posts photos of her son in a diaper. They mentioned that the wrong people could stumble upon this photo with gross intentions. One fan commented, “I think it’s a bad idea to post photos of children in diapers on the internet.”

So, does Amy King’s latest photo of Daxton concern you, too? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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