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Duggar Fans Spot Shocking Detail In Cousin Amy King’s New Photo

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Duggar cousin Amy King is proving once again that she’s not the same as her famous family. After she shared a few new pictures with fans this week, they spotted something surprising in the background. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what got fans talking.

Amy King has said before that she’s not a Duggar.

Amy is sometimes referred to as Amy Duggar. Though she’s related to the famous family, she’s made it clear that she’s not really like them at all. While they dress modestly, she isn’t afraid to show some skin. Her cousins court instead of date and don’t hold hands or kiss before marriage. But Amy didn’t do the same.

Now, she’s proving once again that she’s her own person and doesn’t follow all of her relatives’ rules.

Duggar Cousin Amy King, Dillon King Instagram

Amy King shares cute new photos of her son, Daxton.

On Instagram this week, Amy gave Duggar fans a peek into life with her son, Daxton, who will be three years old in October. She posted a few pictures as her son climbed into the fridge on the hunt for some carrots.

In her caption, the mom wrote, “My little monkey 🙈 Daxxy wanted carrots… so I said hop little bunny, let’s see you get them! 😂”

You can see one of the photos of Daxton below.

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram

Though some of her followers laughed at the adorable moment, eagle-eyed fans spotted something else in the photo.

Duggar fans spot a surprising detail.

On the top left shelf in the door of Amy’s fridge, fans noticed a pink and yellow bag. On Reddit, one fan pointed out that it looks like a bag of edibles or cannabis-based gummies. Other fans and critics are sharing their thoughts.

One Duggar fan says, “I never imagined that a Duggar would have marijuana of any kind.”

Someone else points out that Daxton could easily get into the bag of edibles if he’s allowed to climb in the fridge to get snacks. Fans are concerned that he might end up getting sick.

In an Instagram comment, Amy did confirm that it’s a bag of edibles.

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram

Fans are pretty surprised to see that any member of the Duggar family would take edibles. Though Amy doesn’t like them, she seems to be okay with her husband using them.

So, did you notice the edibles in Amy King’s fridge? Does it shock you that a Duggar family member has these? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Acfor more news about Amy and the rest of the family.

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