‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Sheila Carter Really Dead This Time?

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The Bold And The Beautiful fans recently learned that the show’s most manipulative character Sheila suffered a gruesome off-screen death. However, they aren’t convinced that a major character in the story, responsible for so many twists and turns, is really gone. During the show’s Thursday episode, Sheila Carter was announced dead.

Bold And The Beautiful’s Detective Sanchez Confirms Sheila Carter Is Dead

This devious character has been missing from the show for quite some time after she broke out of prison. She shot Finn, her biological son, & his wife Steffy, after which she escaped. Steffy, Finn, and their families feared her return and have been worried about her whereabouts ever since the shooting incident.

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However, the family gathered to receive an update regarding Sheila, which was delivered by Detective Sanchez during the Thursday episode. They were expecting to know the whereabouts of Sheila or at least be assured that she had been caught by the authorities. Instead, the detective informed them of Sheila’s demise, stating that she was killed by a bear.

Sanchez also revealed that her blood and hair were found at the scene, along with pieces of her torn clothing. This led the authorities to firmly believe that she was killed by a bear. However, the family took this news with a grain of salt, knowing how big a schemer she could be. They didn’t believe she was truly dead.

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However, the detective was confident with his findings and took out key evidence to prove that the manipulative character was indeed dead. He showed the family a severed toe that belonged to Sheila, confirming their doubts. As per The Sun, he claimed, “Sheila Carter is deceased.”

Bold And The Beautiful Fans Believe Otherwise

While the Forresters were finally convinced by his findings, Bold And The Beautiful fans weren’t swayed by all the proof he provided. Talking about her mysterious death, one fan commented, “I still don’t buy it.”

Another fan slammed the Forresters for being so naïve as they said, “Taylor, Brooke, Eric, y’all have been dealing with Sheila for 30 years,”

“And how many times have you been through this to find out it’s been an illusion?” they continued.

A third fan claimed, “I don’t believe for one second that Sheila Carter is dead!!! And a bear attack, no way!!! She will be back!!!”

Bold and the beautiful YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“We all know Sheila is still out there,” tweeted a fourth.

Another came up with a seemingly possible theory of what might have happened with Sheila. They tweeted, “Sheila cut her toe off, spread blood on her clothes to pretend like she dead come on, we know this.”

If Sheila is truly dead, this wraps up her chaotic storyline that started in April after she shot Steffy and Finn. Although Finn was believed to be dead, he was later revealed to be alive & Steffy pulled through her injuries, confirming Sheila as the culprit.

Do you think Sheila is really dead? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Allie Johnson


    1. No way Sheila is still alive and probably will pop up again…this may sound crazy but I hope she’s still alive..she always brings good drama to all her story lines it’s makes for good watching!

  1. I don’t believe Shelia is dead she’s pretending and faking her death anybody that knows Shelia should know that

  2. I do not believe for one minute that Sheila is dead..Not a bear in the world is brave enough to tackle this maniac..She will be back..But in all reality she is a very good actress..

  3. Let’s see… in the past few months…. Finn came back from the dead and Li came back from the dead. I say 3 is the charm and Shelia is not far behind in rising from the ashes too. She is too much fun to watch and hate and you’re waiting to see what she is going to do next. The writers have given Kimberlin Brown good material to work with and she knows how to take that off the page and make it come to life. What a performance she gives, What an actress. B&B would be stupid not to use her character more. Bravo Kimberlin for a job well done.

  4. Trust Me; She Probably Stagedher Own Death with the Help of Her Long Time Buddy /Friend Mike and She will Reappear again Sometime by the End of the Year!!

  5. Absolutely no way do I believe she is dead!! Nope she is going to reappear in the near future because she wants to be near Finn and Hayes, I do believe that when she shows up Finn will not allow her near the family and will do his best to get rid of her! She cooked her goose with Finn and he will try and protect Li and Hayes from her at all cost as well as Steffy!!

  6. No way, Sheila Carter is dead! I’ve seen her die so many times! And they want us to believe a bear ate her!!! And left her toes??? Please, viewers aren’t stupid!!!

  7. She’s not dead. She severed her own toe and set things to look like it was her that was attacked when in all actuality it was someone else and she even switched cars, using the dead person’s car.

  8. I don’t get to watch very often but I thought Mike was arrested when Liam and Bill found Finn also is a romance building between Bill and Li?

  9. Don’t think she’s dead I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets someone to help her escape only to come back later and kidnap the baby Hayes. She probably cut her own toe off or had someone do it. I’m sure she’s not done dealing with the Forester and Logan family.

  10. Wouldn’t it be great if she just somehow appeared on Y&R again (fleeing to Genoa City under new identity (again)) and starting something up with Lauren and having the writers bring back Scottie? Remember that storyline from way back in 1990-1992?

  11. That’s the longest severed toe I’ve ever seen! LOL Are they sure it wasn’t her “pinky”?!?! LOLOLOL

  12. I would rather see sheila come back from the dead 10 times over than watch brook and Taylor suck face.

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