Is Madison Prewett Still Saving Intimacy For Marriage?

Madison Prewett, Instagram

Madison Prewett is a role model for a lot of young women and fans of The Bachelor. She gained respect when she stayed true to her faith and her commitment to purity during Peter Weber’s season. After Peter told her he was intimate with his other final girls Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss, she took herself out of the running.

Of course, indecisive Peter Weber pursued her after breaking things off with his winner Hannah Ann. They didn’t last long and Weber’s mother infamously was against it from the beginning. Madison gained even more respect after she handled Barb Weber’s berating on national television. Madison isn’t sweating any of that, because she’s met the love of her life, Grant Troutt. Read on to see if she’s continuing her commitment to purity.

Madison Prewett, Instagram
Instagram, Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett Says The Engagement Will Be Short

Madison Prewett and Grant dated for eight months before getting engaged in July. She stated some people think it’s a short time but, “when you know you know.” She said she wants a short engagement as well. Madison shouldn’t be a stranger to falling in love quickly, the reality television dating lengths are much shorter than that.

In an interview according to People, her commitment to purity is a reason she doesn’t want to be engaged for a long time. She said, “we have made a commitment to wait until marriage, and so because of that we’re not trying to have a super long engagement.” The Bachelor alum also stated that listening to Drake with him was what sold her on him being the one.

Grant Can Just Chill And Vibe

Madison Prewett was, “blown away,” by their conversation about life but wondered if he could “turn on some Drake and just chill and vibe?” He showed up and asked her if she wanted to drive around and listen to Drake. She was done for. Madison said she’s waited for this her entire life and Grant was worth it. She wants a wedding that embodies their beliefs while being, “chic and classy.” As we reported, the couple first met on a blind date.

Some fans questioned if Madison knew the engagement was coming because she was wearing a white dress. Her friends planned it where she thought she was doing a photo shoot for a friend’s birthday. The dress was actually waiting for her when she arrived. Grant set up a romantic spot on the beach and gave her a Bible with her new name on it.

What do you think about Madison wanting a quick engagement? Does this surprise you at all? Do you think eight months is long enough to get engaged? Comment with your thoughts below.



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