Fans Offended By Audrey Roloff’s Latest Parenting Advice

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Audrey Roloff makes it clear she isn’t afraid of the constant parent shaming and believes she’s a picture-perfect parent with her recent Instagram activity. What did she do that is rubbing fans the wrong way now?

Audrey Roloff convinced she’s a perfect parent

It is no secret that LPBW fans do not consider Audrey Roloff to be a great (or even a very good) parent. Fans are disgusted by the humiliating photos and videos she posts of her children as she continues to violate any right they have to privacy. Fans also constantly blast both Audrey and her husband Jeremy for putting their children in unsafe conditions. Likewise, fans were very uncomfortable with the swimming classes she had Bode and Radley take at such young ages.

Audrey Roloff - YouTube/TLC
TLC – YouTube

As TvShowsAce recently reported, fans were even disgusted when Audrey hinted that she won’t always get toys for her children simply because she considers them an “eye sore”.

The former TLC personality offers advice

Audrey Roloff shared a fun video of her children playing outside that later transpired into her offering parenting advice on her Instagram Stories. Jeremy Roloff’s wife firmly believes that the biggest mistake a lot of parents make is not spending enough time playing with their children. In her Instagram Stories post, Audrey encouraged parents that follow her to get outside and spend some time playing with their children today.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

On RedditLPBW fans thought it was gross that Audrey considered herself qualified to offer parenting advice to anyone. Fans agreed she needed to take a harder look at herself and her husband Jeremy before she tried offering advice to anyone. Moreover, some fans seriously questioned how much time she actually spent with her children.

As fans know, Audrey and Jeremy were committed to having at least one date night a week. And, she’s also obsessed with sharing things on Instagram. So, fans aren’t really sure when she finds time to play with her kids as she has so boldly told her fans they need to do more.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Do you consider Audrey Roloff to be a decent mother? Or, do you agree with fans who are constantly criticizing her choices? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Little People, Big World news.

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