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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Violated, Deputy Confirms

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been violated as she nears the end of her stint at rehab according to the Union County deputy. The deputy spoke directly to The Sun about the incident. A close friend to both Amy and Tammy also shared details with the media outlet. What happened and is Tammy Slaton alright?

1000-Lb. Sisters: Is Tammy Slaton Alright?

First things first, is Tammy Slaton alright? Fortunately, both sources confirmed to The Sun that the TLC star is completely fine. She’s safe and secure finishing her stint at rehab. Turns out, it wasn’t her person that was violated ⁠— it was her Kentucky house.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC

Wait, What Happened To Her House?

According to the Union County deputy that spoke to The Sun, someone kicked in the door at Tammy Slaton’s home during her stay at rehab. After kicking in the door, they stole some of her furniture. The deputy suspects whoever broke in realized the home was unoccupied and seized an opportunity. The deputy went on to confirm whoever broke into the home has yet to be apprehended. Deputy Starkey went on to tell the outlet the culprit stole Tammy’s washer, dryer, and a few pieces of furniture.

Turns out, whoever broke into Tammy’s home also broke into her neighbor’s home as well. The neighbor reported the thieves stole their sink.

Tammy Slaton - YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC

A friend of Tammy and her sister told the media outlet it was Amy Halterman who first discovered the home had been broken into and Tammy had been robbed. Amy made the discovery when she went over to the home to check on it. The friend aid that Amy sent photos and detailed what was stolen.

According to the friend, Amy Halterman wonders if it was a crazed fan of 1000-Lb. Sisters that broke into the home.

Things Are Going Well For Tammy Slaton Right Now

Outside of being violated, things are going pretty well for Tammy Slaton. She is finishing up her stint in rehab. And, she is slated to have weight loss surgery in the near future. Likewise, she has big plans to write a book. Moreover, she wants to return to reality TV. Just recently, fans also learned her former boyfriend BBW King walked back into her life when they engaged in a sloppy make-out session on TikTok.

Tammy Slaton | Youtube
Tammy Slaton | Youtube

This relationship update was a bit shocking as she was recently linked to a different man on Facebook. Likewise, fans found this relationship shocking as she was believed to have a restraining order out on the BBW King.

Do you think it could have been a crazed fan that violated Tammy Slaton’s home? Are you surprised she got back with BBW King? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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  1. What I think of Tammy she has all the time in the world to lose the weight like her sister Amy all these years. What really stop her from not losing it. Maybe she couldn’t stay it that Amy did it and then got pregnant. And Tammy wants more attention.

  2. Seriously, the BBW King? If so she violated any restraining order she has and can be fined or face jail time. Those are serious orders that you can’t file, then have any form of contact with the suspect.

    I am so sick of her, her attitude, bullying and eating everyone’s time. She doesn’t deserve any platform to spew her bike and lies. Had everyone forgotten her and Amy’s legal issues? Amy stole from a store and get mugshot is available online. Then there are the multiple times they grifted and took money from fans (Tammy’s “funeral”) and never accounted for the spending if said funds. They have both been accused and found guilty on animal abuse charges. Why do you all follow this trash? Not even sure how this story showed in my recommendations, but it took me only 15 minutes to see how corrupt these two are.

  3. She was live on tiktok with the BBWKing AGAIN the other night, not sure if it’s related but like……girl isnt making good decisions fr fr

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