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Fans Livid Over ‘The View’ Reruns, What’s Wrong?

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After making some noise by shaking up the cast, The View is going on a hiatus for a few weeks ahead of the Season 26 Premiere. Chatter across multiple social media platforms, however, suggests viewers at home aren’t really happy about the sudden hiatus. Some viewers think shaking up the cast and then going on hiatus was a massive slap in the face.

The View airs reruns and fans wonder why

On Monday, The View kicked off the week by airing reruns. Unsurprisingly, fans were a bit confused wondering why they weren’t airing new episodes of the show. Sadly, this wasn’t a hiccup or a one-time thing. The View will be airing reruns during its usual timeslot for a few weeks. According to The Sun, this talk show aired the Season 25 Finale on Friday. So, the simple answer to this question is The View isn’t airing new episodes because there aren’t any new episodes to air.

Making the news a bit more unfortunate, the network has yet to confirm an exact premiere date for Season 26 just yet. Fans, however, can be relatively sure that Season 26 won’t kick off until sometime next month.

The View: Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Sunny Hostin Over Elderly Debate
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Fans say the hiatus is a slap in the face

Across social media platforms, fans of The View aren’t exactly happy about the summer hiatus. They agree it was poorly timed following a cast shakeup. As those who have been watching Season 25 know, the past few weeks have been rocky with random hosts being absent and special news reports interrupting various episodes.

On Twitter, fans noted they were already experiencing “seasonal depression” without new episodes of The View. So, the next few weeks aren’t going to be easy for fans!

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The biggest reason, however, that fans are so upset by this hiatus is because of the cast shakeup. Viewers only just learned that two new stars had signed on to be a part of the talk show. Now, fans are being told they’ll have to wait anywhere from a few weeks to a month to really get to see these fresh faces on the show.

Do you find the timing of this small hiatus to be a bit odd? Do you understand why fans of The View are so upset? Let us know in the comments and keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more talk show news.

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  1. The show does this every year so the timing should not be a surprise. They take a few weeks off & then premiere the new season the day after Labor Day.

  2. The show should be cancelled for the racist hateful crap it is. Fans should be ashamed for calling themselves fans.

  3. The VIew has become too partisan in the past few months or perhaps year. My friends and I call it The One View instead of The View. I am a middle of the roader and my friends vary in their opinions, but the comments and attitudes of the members of The View have been one sided and very insulting to me and my friends. The “players” are very arrogant in expressing opinions leaving us irritated and angry. Unfortunately, The whole country has become opinionated in the extreme. It’s too bad The View couldn’t show a more mellow attitude, perhaps ideas from all sides without malice maybe even adding a little humor. I am or was a special education teacher (I just retired), so, in the past, I only watched during the summer. Now that I have free time, I find watching it makes me ill. Where’s the entertainment? It’s not a news program. I don’t find the members exceptionally bright. The least they could do is entertain, not anger. What a shame that the original program digressed so much from what was intended.

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