Is ‘The Talk’ Coming Back, What Happened?

The Talk

Fans of The Talk were met with heavy disappointment when they tuned in to watch this week and realized the network was airing reruns. Naturally, viewers of the talk show had one pretty big question: Why aren’t there any new episodes of The Talk? Did something happen to cause this hiatus?

The Talk not on this week, fans stuck with reruns

Fans of The Talk were a bit perplexed when they realized new episodes of the series were not airing this week. After all, viewers of the show enjoy watching Sheryl Underwood, Jerry O’Connell, and the rest panel banter with each other as they discuss headlines and current events. Bummed to realize the show was running reruns, fans have turned to Google to ask why The Talk is on a hiatus. Why aren’t they airing new episodes?

The Talk
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Why aren’t new episodes airing?

On August 1, 2020, viewers were disappointed when reruns of The Talk started to air. Sadly, this is because the final episode of The Talk Season 12 aired on Friday, July 29th. So, the simple answer is new episodes of The Talk aren’t airing this week simply because there aren’t any new episodes to air. Unfortunately, fans of this talk show will have to wait for the Season 13 Premiere to catch more episodes of the Premiere.

Fortunately, the publicist of the show did respond to The Sun’s request for a comment. The statement included confirmation of The Talk Season 13’s Premiere Date. So, when will fans of the show get new episodes? Here’s what the publicist had to say:

“We are now on a previously scheduled hiatus until we return for season 13 on Sept 12.”

The publicist’s comment suggests the hiatus and reruns shouldn’t have been a total shock as it was hiatus was “previously scheduled” and already on the books.

The Talk
[Photo: Sonja Flemming/2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc.]
Fortunately, fans of The Talk haven’t had to worry about new episodes or another season for a while. It was back in April that CBS confirmed the decision to renew The Talk for Season 13. While this does mean fans of this CBS staple will have to tune in to reruns for a few weeks, there are new episodes of The Talk on the horizon.

Were you bummed when you tuned in to watch The Talk this week and realized the network was airing reruns? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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  1. I only wish there would have been an indication that this show was ‘Previously aired on ‘. I was annoyed I had to figure it out for myself when I realized I had already seen the episode. A break for vacation, etc. makes sense, but to guess for weeks if we’re back to live isn’t enjoyable. Otherwise very much enjoy the show and this cast. 🤗

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