Is Whit Johnson Leaving Good Morning America? [ABC News | YouTube]

Is Whit Johnson Leaving ‘Good Morning America’?


GMA fans think Whit Johnson is leaving the morning talk show. The rumors first popped up after he filled in for missing David Muir during a broadcast on ABC’s World News Tonight. The 48-year-old journalist has gone missing from his usual position for the past week.

Instead, fans can catch up with him on World News Tonight. David Muir fans were in for a shock when they noticed the Good Morning America host in his seat. This led to the sudden rumors that he could be gunning for the veteran’s position. Meanwhile, fans are holding out hope that Rob Marciano will make a return to his regular segment.

Whit Johnson Fills In For David Muir [ABC News | YouTube]
[ABC News | YouTube]

What happened to Whit Johnson?

On Friday, August 5, Whit Johnson sat behind David Muir’s desk. He filled in for the original host, who’s been away from the show for six days. Whit closed out the show with the following message:

“Thanks so much for watching tonight. I’m Whit Johnson in New York, and I’ll see you on GMA in the morning.”

Whit Johnson made it clear that he’s returning to Good Morning America. However, some fans think he’s leaving the talk show. Some of them took to Twitter to express their concerns. Most of them love David’s journalism and don’t want Whit to replace him.

  • “Just want to say how much I enjoy Whit Johnson’s delivery of news. He keeps bias out of his voice and doesn’t repeat what has already been shown.”
  • “Feels like David quit on us the past six days.”
  • “Wouldn’t be shocked if ABC is grooming Whit to take David’s job sometime soon.”
  • “He’s probably on vacation. He’ll be back next week.”

The GMA weekend broadcast features Eva Pilgrim, Janai Norman, and Whit himself. Viewers couldn’t help but notice there was tension between Janai and her co-hosts. Whit Johnson compared his job to an engagement. Some fans called out his “rude” comment, while others supported Janai’s first day.

Feuding with his GMA co-hosts?

Some have to wonder if Whit Johnson wants out of the show because he’s feuding with his co-hosts. The energy shifted ever since Janai made her debut on the broadcast. On the July 4th weekend, he took to Twitter to welcome her to the show.

“Thrilled to officially welcome Janai to the anchor desk for weekend GMA,” Whit Johnson posted. “If you’ve been watching, you know Janai’s more than a colleague or friend…she’s family. A dedicated and dynamic storyteller overflowing with passion and warmth. So happy for you Janai!”

She became a full-time host on the weekend panel. What are your thoughts on the GMA rumors? Do you think this means Whit Johnson is leaving the show? Do you think he would make a great replacement for David Muir? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I love Whitt Johnson on GMA weekend. I wish Rob Marciano could come back. He and Whitt are fun together. David Muir should stay on evening news. I watch ABC 7 only for all programs. Love Good Morning America!!

  2. I don’t at all see tension on weekend GMA. Whit is wonderful, as are Eva and Janai. This is just manufactured gossip with no basis in fact. The choice of Janai is wonderful and I love the natural banter of the three journalists. What could people possibly be talking about, not knowing anything about what pressures and decisions go on behind the scenes? Just enjoy people and understand how hard it is to look upbeat and deliver a quality show. Stop judging.

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